Transferring ISA from Freetrade to Trading 212

Hi, I got freetrade about two months ago and opened an ISA account with it. I bought two stocks and sold them after finding out about Trading 212. I currently have no holdings and no funds in my freetrade account. Just wondering do I still have to transfer my freetrade ISA account to Trading 212 or would it be best to close it?

For ISA Transfer forms or general ISA queries - email Trading212 ISA department at:

I withdrew my funds from Freetrade and deposited them into Trading 212 (I had only deposited £64 initially). Can I go ahead and close my Freetrade ISA account as I have no plans of contributing to it in future?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

This isn’t possible. You can’t deposit into 2 ISAs within one tax year. You HAVE to transfer the balance over into the new ISA formally with Trading 212, not simply withdraw and deposit into a different ISA

Cavanhagan is correct - I do apologise. This can be remedied though, but best speak with the isa team.

Would this be too late if I’ve already close my FreeTrade account? Would there be a way to remedy it?

Yes, there is. It’s been done before, but I would feel best if you contact the T212 staff and just highlight that you were told incorrectly by accident by myself. I’m sorry.

It’s not the end of the world by a long shot - things like this happen a lot. HMRC just needs to know of the change I believe.

Cool no worries. how do I contact the T212 ISA team? - here is their email.