Transferring from freetrade to 212

Hi there can someone possible awnser this please.

I am looking to franfer my Isa from freetrade to trading 212. I have been told by freetrade that i have to complete a tranfer forum with new provider (Trading 212) . How do i do this ?

And also is there a cost to do this from Trading 212


Hello :wave:

Yes, you can make a cash transfer from your current provider into a Trading 212 ISA by filling the transfer form on this page from our Help Centre :point_right: here. There are no fees applied on our side for such transfers.

Once filled, you may scan the document digitally and contact us via this form. When submitting the request, please make sure you select “ISA transfers” as the category and attach the transfer authority form.

We’ll take it from there and let you know once everything is ready :raised_hands:

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Hi there Momchil thank you for replying to my qestion.

Is it just cash you can tranfer over or can i transfer stocks that i hold at freetrade?

We’re working on providing in-specie transfers in the future. However, for the time being, we only accept cash transfers.

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