Moving Averages Alerts

Hello, I wanted ask if it is possible to add moving averages alerts in the future.
What I mean is a simple alert when price touch the MA/EMA/SMA. No crossover alerts…

I think this would be a very good future for users who swing trade.
What do you think guys?

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Good idea. I’m actually trying to build my own one with a little script. It would be good to have on the platform.

You mean a script for Trading 212 or other platforms like Trading View.
If you mean Trading 212 how do you write scripts for this platform?

I mean my own little python script that I can run on my laptop. Not for any particular platform.

Alerts for all indicators would be good, like RSI etc, as I’ve said in some of my other posts I’d love for T212 to bring the web platform closer to other all in one trading platforms, the charts are pretty lacking and basic unfortunately

They are making a new web platform but we don’t know what futures they will add. I asked also for mobile apps