Arnaud Legaux Moving Average

Can we please have the indicator Arnaud Legaux MA added to the list in the Android app?

It’s available on the web interface, so why not adding it to the app as well?

If you just have to tick a checkbox for that indicator as well to be available in the app, can you please do so?

At the end of the day is just another moving average so it should be a big deal I guess.


@AlexK @Martin

see below


@George @Kosta

Hope you are well today.

not sure if I have to include you guys in the conversation to have a feedback on my query.

Is there a reason why only Arnaud Legaux is not available on the phone app?


@David @Tony.V

see above

EMA + price action :wink:

hahahahah but no.
sharp but still, I asked for the overlay to be made available to the phone app,
not for having explained what the ALMA is :slight_smile:

Fair enough :sunglasses:

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We will add the indicators to the mobile apps :slight_smile:

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Will it be anytime soon?

Will it be anytime soon?

just arnaud in the app is what I need, not all existent indicators, just arnaud as it is available on the web platform, if possible please