Is it possible to move stocks/etf's from the invest section to the ISA section?

Might be a dumb question, if it is then I apologise.

Basically I am using Trading212 to invest. I cant setup a Trading212 ISA as I currently already have one.

But if next year If i want to start a Trading212 ISA, can I simply just transfer over any stocks/etf’s I have in my Investing section into the Trading212 ISA account?

Not currently you will have to liquidate to cash then transfer that.

Thanks for the fast response. So just to be clear I would have to withdraw all my money from Trading212 and then re add the funds once my ISA account is created?

You should just be able to sell your stocks on one and then go to the transfer option in manage funds to move the money.

You’ll have to re buy the stocks.
I think this is the only way currently.

@RobinGunn correct. this is because of taxes that are determined upon selling shares. all taxes on your money needs to be declared/paid before being put in to an ISA which is why its not possible to just move the shares over as this would be a form of “tax evasion”. :stuck_out_tongue: