Multicurrency account GBP/EUR/USD etc

Oh nice, can we do this with Trading212?

According to support they dont allow multiple accounts per individual, I guess you can have one account on your spouse and circumvent the rule.


Great! Now I just need to find a spouse… :joy:

If they already support holding different currencies in other accounts then I would imagine this would be a little bit easier to implement too then.


I also would support this feature as I told support a little while ago using the platform help chat feature.

my biggest reason is that it would be a very useful mechanism to allow investors greater control in weighting portions of their portfolio according to a specific market and reduces the number of calculations needed for traders to consider with each transaction allowing more flexibility and opportunities to hold on to hard-earned profits.

a multi-currency system could allow me in the future to make sub-portfolio’s inside my main portfolio that account for a specific region, say the US, Europe and the UK and viewing these pies and tables would hold greater clarity and convenience as they would already be sorted to that specific currency…


It has been some time since the topic was raised. Strange that non of devs took time to at least write some comment on feasibility of adding this in future…


It’s Christmas time, New Year and so forth. Let them spend time with families and friends. Many threads is waiting for response I think about Wednesday we can expect more activity from their side

Dont forget to tag a dev just in case, @David , im sure its easy to miss a post or two when you’ve got to react/respond to so many of them. :+1:

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Such a feature’s not in the current pipeline but we’ll consider it for Q2 2020.


Myself and a few other colleagues I work with who use Trading212 would definitely like to see this feature added down the line. Being able to just track the change in price in the currency of the holding would be very useful.

@David thanks for the update, hopefully product management can see the importance of this feature and assign it some priority.

Thanks for great support.



I agree, it would definitely be great to have a pot to invest in GBP-denominated shares and funds, and other pots for EUR- and USD-denominated too. Otherwise, you need to be timing the purchase of the shares not only depending on the price in that currency, but also depending on the exchange rate at the moment.
Something you wouldn’t have to worry about with separate currencies, and it would make Trading212 stand out from competitors even more.


I see a lot of people agree with topic, but the original post/topic has only 6 likes. Push like, hopefully @Ivan or @David will make their magic happen :slight_smile:


Would be nice if we didn’t have to convert money back and forth every time we do a trade.


Hello Team, @David , @Ivan,

Was there any progress, decision on this one?

As it has been almost 30 days since last update.

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Any update? :open_mouth:


If you are considering this and sorry to just jump in to others post but if its easy can you also add AUD ?

Voting for the feature as well. Created an account in PLN, since it’s easier for me to deposit and withdrawn in this currency.
But since I am going to invest in USD mainly, and GBP probably, I would like to operate with those currencies.
E.g. ability to check portfolio’s market value and profit/loss in USD/GBP instead of account’s currency, ability to sell and re-invest without redundant conversion to a main account currency.

This would be something similar to what Revolut currently have, although they provide access to a limited US stocks only.


I know team is busy on delivering big release, but was there any discussion on adding multicurrency in future?


I am also looking forward to see multi currency account feature. It would be much easier to trade stocks using respective currency (US stocks with USD, UK stocks with GBP, EU stocks with EUR) without worrying about FX rates.
Trading212 please try your best to implement this feature.
Thank you in advance.


Plus one for this feature asap please.

I would like to use your platform for trading GBP as well as EUR ( would allow me to consolidate down from multiple platforms ).

Currently I am also unclear on the commission taken for foreign currency transactions … fixed percentage on top of interbank rate ?

I don’t hold USD , if I knew the cost of exchange on the platform I might trade USD stocks from EUR but cannot see the information on fees/commission here…


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