MWE:LON - MTI Wireless Edge

Can I please request this security be added to 212.

Yes it is a small cap.
Yes it has a relatively small dealing volume.

BUT - this company has been around since 1972, has been growing slowly and surely, has a good cash pile, and dividend coverage.

More than that, it specialises in communication infrastructure(5G), and water management.

Some good press:

And since the latest tech invest issue is out, I should hopefully be ok to quote this extract:

MTI is a well-balanced business that has been in existence for fifty years. These latest resilient results reflect the benefit of the company’s diverse operations in markets where technical expertise is of prime importance. The company’s three divisions are well established, with experienced, autonomous leadership teams all utilizing the group’s core expertise in radio frequency communications and all focused on taking advantage of attractive market trends within their respective sectors.

These trends are: the roll-out of 5G cellular connectivity; addressing the growing global issue of water scarcity ; and increasing demand for technological solutions in the international defence market. While it is early days in the roll-out of 5G, the pandemic has underlined the importance of internet connectivity to support new patterns of working and schooling, and network operators are responding by rolling out higher bandwidth 5G services to their customers.

We believe that this presents a major opportunity for MTI’s multi-band and flat antennas, as operators will need to increase the backhaul connectivity between cell towers to deliver these faster services. Similarly, water scarcity is driving increasing commercial interest in Mottech’s water management products. Looking ahead, we feel that MTI is well placed to expand its business through a mix of acquisition-led and organic growth. Continue to buy.

This is one of two long term holdings I cant open with 212.

Thankyou for consideration.

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Another good review, price target 95p, current price 70p. Shame none of its listings can be added(or can they?).