My portfolio is down ~40% this year, how is your performance?

I’m down almost 40% in 2022, how everyone else’s performance?

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Are you using T212 to determine the 40% in 2022 or are you using a spreadsheet?


Spreadsheet, I have 4 difference accounts.

Oh ok, cos i think T212 calculates from since the account was opened

Am down this year around 7 percent

What’s in your account that’s down so much?

Leverage + CALL options

As of today, compared to ATH in November 21 I’m down just under 10%, but a green day today across most of my positions is pushing it back up a bit now. Individual stocks is another matter, some are down in the depths (worst is -76%!) ouch. Luckily its my smallest position and was a punt that clearly is a dud lol

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4.4% down, that’s after a good week this week

I did wonder when you mentioned on one of your other videos that you are over 100% of your net worth in Tesla

Yeah leverage is never a good idea, paying off as fast as I can.

Up just under 3% in total. Good start.

I’m up 4% overall. I don’t trade. Have portfolio of about 20 different stocks. All long term holds. I’m hoping boohoo will bounce back and may buy some more. I’m currently down 69%! On the flip side I’m up 80% on Lloyds and BT group.

Except when we’re talking about mortgages of course :person_tipping_hand:

I am up about 18 percent so not too bad


Probably full of high growth stocks.

You’d be down 70% if that was true :joy:

ahaha, I remember the days I was 70% down fondly. was great when that turned into a 20% profit, but then I greatly regret I missed the “timing” for the 40% profit in the same position that came 2 weeks later :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m curious how everybody is tracking their portfolio? I’m guessing most manually type their positions into an Excel/Sheets tracker?

My T212 app currently sits at -23% but don’t know how much of that is attributed to 2022. It’s a fantastic buying opportunity right now but I admit it’s hard not to get bothered when you’re 1000s in the hole.

I use an excel sheet for that, and yes, manually typing the positions as I don’t have many.

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I have accounts with T212, Freetrade and HL so I use google sheets to consolidate. Have to manually type in my holdings but sheets formulas can calculate the overall value.

I’ve also started manually noting what the portfolio is worth at the end of each month.

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