My TOP 7 Pies #1 2051 Retirment Fund



Background :

It’s no hidden fact that most people do not plan their retirement or they don’t even check their pension pot.

When they do it’s too late !

What they realise is they are paying a massive annual management fee for suboptimal performance.

They will spend a lifetime slugging away to get £160 PW or less.

Honestly I find it heartbreaking that no one strives for better and we just live for today.

In an era where we are overloaded with information and we have the world at our fingertips why do we settle being ripped off.

I created this pie for my own retirement to go along with my SIPP to help people get to financial freedom and actually enjoy an early retirement.

I will manage and update the holding of the pie to match years till retirement.

Starting off with 100% stocks then getting more conservitive as the years go on.

In the early years we can expect high volatility but this can be reduced if you use dollar cost averaging and just use the auto invest feature.

With a 30 year time frame volatility is your friend as it gives you the chance to buy great companies cheap.

I will also screen the holdings regularly if any of them no longer match our investment criteria they will be discarded and we will move onto the next opportunity.

I will usually update the PIE once a year on the 1st week of April.

If i have to do any emergency changes i will always post it in the comments.

I will minimize the amount of transactions to keep the costs and spreads to a minimum.

We will be aiming to maximise our compounded interest more for our pockets :slight_smile:

About the pie :

As mentioned above the early years will be 100% stocks to maximise our growth as the years go on you will start to see the Pie shift from adventurous growth to more convervitive names then fixed income holdings.

Holdings will be Tech heavy with a few index ETFs to get an exposure to the wider market.

Expected Annual ROI : 20%

Growth example based on past performance : £50 PM will return you £1.2 Mil in 30y time with just £18k contributed.

So what are you doing about your retirement ?

Are you going to just sit on the sidelines or you going to take action and copy today ?

Disclaimer :

  • Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results
  • This is not personalized investment advice; these are just my opinions suitable to my personal circumstances.

For Full list of Disclaimers or any queries/help/questions get in touch IOU FREEDOM

Pie #2 The gone fishing portfolio post will be shared 06/04/2021 :slight_smile: Stay tuned

Just to clarify - this is satire right? It’s so hard to tell nowadays.

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It’s not that hard.


No Sir compound interest calculator based on past performance.
20% per year is pretty impressive given that the selected shares perform at the same level.
Disclaimer :

  • Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results

But we’re clear - you don’t really believe that £50 a month into these companies is going to make you a millionaire in however long you state…right?

That’s just what the numbers say…right?


You very well may get 20% per year for the next 30 years… but always best to be conservative. These estimates are from the past 5 bullish years, it’s definitely not expected in the future.

I believe it’s always best to be conservative and give a 6–8% growth rate on your stocks per year, and create your targets from here. I mean with a 6% return rate you’d need to put over £1,000 per month in to get to £1,000,000 in 30 years. That’s a big difference. If you actually were to put £50 a month into a 6% return it would take around 79 years to reach £1,000,000.

So my opinion is always be conservative- no matter how high your expect the returns from your investment to be. And if it goes better then that’s a good thing- you can cut down your investments or reach your goal sooner. Much better than overestimating your return and under contributing.


I agree with you a 100%
I’m just putting in the figures the trading 212 auto invest feature has given me.

In terms of my own plans and portfolio I’ve averaged 25% in the last 4 years even then when I’m using my compound intrest calculator I always use 10% to be safe and any bonus is always a welcome sight.

Even if the pie returns 6-8% it’s better than what NEST provides or any other pension provider they are barely keeping up with inflation before the fees.

Thanks for your input :+1:
Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes sir we are on the same page.

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Just buy some TSLA and it’s done. :smiley:


Already took that advice :eyes:


“what can go wrong ? :see_no_evil::rofl:
Diversification? What’s that ?”
Said @cavanhagan

To be fair Tesla makes up a hefty portion of my holdings to not quite 100% though :rofl:
I am riding that baby till $3000 I dont think people quite understand the earning potential of the company yet.

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It makes up less than 50% of my total investments, it’s just the only stock I hold on Trading 212 :joy: I have very high conviction on it though- so have been buying the dip!

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I’d go easy here (to the OP). I appreciate you have your beliefs, but 20% per year when you consider the average market performance over a long period of time just doesn’t seem feasible. If you look at the performance over 30 years there are also negative years that isn’t picked up on the 212 calculator as a lot of the data doesn’t start until 2012, and we’ve been in a 10 year bull run.

Particularly as a large portion of the pie you’ve created is designed to match the market opposed to outperform it.

It’s worth also noting that whilst you refer to pensions and fees etc that you haven’t considered the tax benefits to a pension fund, particularly a workplace one when you should also get an NI benefit in addition to not naturally paying income tax on your earnings.

Good luck though and I admire your optimism.

Hi Thanks for the input.

  1. The tax benefit i agree with to an extent but most pension funds don’t even match regular market performance or keep up with inflation. No doubt I would prefer for people to use a Sipp but even that is limited cause no fractional shares + 1.5% costs with most providers just to hold your money so again you have a drag of fees.
  2. The optimism 20% a year is no doubt optimistic but over the last 30 years it has returned on AVG 10% with 3 major downturns. This was before the FED was printing trillions.
    So while in historic terms 20% seems overly optimistic when you put the pieces together you realise it might not be that crazy.
    I am expecting a down turn in the early years instead of the later years which will help boost performance as we will be able to pick up great companies at a discount.

I honestly do appreciate your input.
This is what’s amazing about the market we all have our opinions and we can put our money on it :smiley:

Only stock you hold on 212 ?!?!? - how on earth did you get the T-shirt?


They even gave me one.

The minimum standard was evidently low.


Can anybody verify this for UK pensions (I’m Irish).

My pension pot is comprised of three funds and they definitely outrun inflation. However, I do agree with the first part - the three funds my pension is in try to match or beat an index they track, and year on year they never outperform it.

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It will depend on what funds your pension provider offers. Much like picking a fund yourself.

So most of the population in England is enrolled with NEST it has roughly 4.5 million members.
Their annual performance is readily available online and you see can most years they are not keeping up with inflation. This is before they take out the hefty fees.
This is a government scheme and yet its robbing people in broad day light.
The only positive about nest was my employer contributions.

I’m genuinely open for people to prove me wrong but I’ve searched for a fund to put my pension pot into and they are all their to rip money away from you.
No one cares about your money as much as you do.

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Well that’s hurtful :pleading_face: