My TOP 7 Pies #2 Gone Fishing Portfolio


Have you read the Book ?

This is a must read for every investor.
I have replicated this portfolio to the best of my ability with the ETFS available on T212 :slight_smile:
I’m not going to try and sum up the portfolio, instead I’m going to copy the words of the man himself Alexander Green.

I agree with the majority of the principles in this book, especially the Value of our time.


“That’s why you should manage it yourself, using a strategy as powerful and effective as any used by the nation’s top financial institutions.

A strategy that allows you to outperform the vast majority of professional money managers, costs you nothing in sales charges, brokerage fees, or commissions, and takes less than 20 minutes a year to implement, even though it’s based on an investment system so sophisticated it won the Nobel Prize in economics.

That, in a nutshell, is The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio. It’s about handling your serious money simply, effectively and cost-efficiently, with the absolute minimum amount of time and attention.

This book – written for novices and experienced investors alike – reveals the extraordinary power of saving, investing and compounding.

It pulls back the curtain on how the financial services industry really works. And shows readers how to reach their most important financial goals, while minimizing risk and volatility.

The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio allows you to achieve your most important investment goals – and the peace of mind that comes with that.

In short, the Gone Fishin’ Portfolio allows you to manage your serious money in a serious way. It – or something very much like it – should form the foundation of your investment program.

Why would you use it? Because it eliminates the six major investment risks:

  1. It keeps you from being so conservative that your purchasing power fails to keep up with inflation.
  2. It prevents you from being so aggressive that your portfolio goes up in flames.
  3. It eliminates individual security risk. (Since every investment is a diversified fund, there is no chance of a single security – think Enron or Lehman Brothers – causing your portfolio to crater.)
  4. It overcomes delegation risk. You manage this portfolio yourself, so no one can mismanage your money, run away with it or siphon off an ocean of fees.
  5. It eliminates economic forecasting and market timing. Since these can’t be done accurately and consistently – and therefore don’t add value – they are no part of this strategy (or any of my investment strategies, for that matter).
  6. It eliminates wasted time and effort. While others spend countless hours evaluating market trends, financial advisors or competing theories about the future, you’ll have gone fishin’ instead

Give full consideration to that last point.

Your most valuable asset is not your home, your bank account or your investment portfolio.

It’s the time you have left on this little blue ball.

The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio gives you a high probability of increasing your net worth. But it guarantees you more time with the people and pastimes you love.

Perhaps that is what recommends it most.

Good investing,”


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