How’s your free stock doing?

I’ve held onto this stock for ages. For one it was my free stock and for two I predicted good things with legislation occurring in various states now.

How’s everyone else’s free stocks doing?

Fairly impressed to have a bag already % wonder if I can collect another before I sell.


Free stocks (usually National Grid :man_facepalming:) get sold in under ten seconds when I get them.



I think I would have been the same with that stock.

This one seems to be doing well. I read France are due to do some trials with the company.

Wow @phildawson you wait nearly ten seconds :rofl:

I have had three free stocks 2 x national grid and 1 x Ford both sold and amount invested elsewhere.

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I got given Starbucks, sold and got a lot of NIO shares.


I received National Grid, as did my father and brother… Not good with almost zero prospect of ever growing, so I sold.

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Census is out…majority sold. Bet I’ll have wished I had but I’m a sucker for going “what if…what if” plus it’s a total rarity I ever bag over 100% - i look at it and imagine it’s GGP!!

Got Two Under Armour and Jet2.

I sold UA as soon as it made profit to put into GAN which has grown better and put my Jet2 share into GAXY.

Neighbour who got me Jet2 got AMD the lucky sod.

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I had a dabble with Tilray for a while. The stock was lounging around the $ 7-8 mark and so I got rid of it. Last December It merged with Aphri…share price shot up to $16-17 . I was gutted :slightly_frowning_face:. So you are lucky!:money_mouth_face:

@Rez Yeah it has been boring and I even meant to top it up with my own free funds when it dropped to $5 but didn’t. Wish I had now!

It’s defo not going to make me rich but kinda nice to get free cash + double or treble. Might even keep it as play cash and see how big I can make it grow.

If I’d received TLRY I would’ve held too. Very nice.

Worth holding onto throughout this year. More and more states will be legalising and with the merger with Aphria, I believe that makes Tilray either the biggest or the richest weed company… I forget which.

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How did you guys received a free stock?

I got UA twice, NG once and one AMD.
immediately sold the UA I got, did keep AMD though which was at ~55 at the time also kept NG which hasn’t done anything might sell later.


by signing up through someone else’s referral link/promo code or having a friend sign up through your referral link/promo code (only accounts created before jan 11 can refer others afaik so they have a monopoly now on free shares haha)

Yeah I’ve been reading into them since I got the stock. Just had a feeling they’d be a good one to hold.

My fella is gutted as at the time he wanted to plow some money into them but didn’t get round to it either.

Up again today. I’m thinking this is a leave for the foreseeable and see how much further they can get into Europe.

Flying :rocket:

Yeah I’d stick. I was in them just before the merger news, so lucky timing there, but sold out shortly thereafter so missed their race into the 20s sadly.

Ah that’s a bit crap. Sometimes it’s like that though isn’t it? Freeing up for others things. I can honestly say I’d not have known about them if it wasn’t for the free share. Just kinda lucky this time (which is rare for me)

Yeah very true about more States legalising weed etc. I read a news article (in the UK) about which issues were most important to US voters. It seems getting weed legalised was high up on the agenda!

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OMG CeeGee, that’s almost a free bottle of champagne with that free share! :champagne:

I received Easy Jet and Under Armor. Sold immediately for high growth stocks

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