My WallStreetBets Causing Other Broker Restrict share buying PIE

We have all seen the impact from Reddit on the share market. But now the other brokers in USA (or the sheriff of Nottingham) is restricting buys of these shares (some to just 1 share) it’s going to create FOMO.

When you tell a bunch of millienials they cant do something they want to do it more. As a result when these restrictions are lifted they will fly as the retail demand is turned back on.

I have listed all the shares restricted on close of play on Friday the 29th of January into a pie. Where the most restrictive shares (only allow you to hold one share on the other brokerage) are weighted higher than the more free to hold (just five shares).

This pie excludes some that I couldn’t find on T212 - BYDDY EZGO HIMS NCTY RYCEY SHLS SLV SOXL TR TRVG XM

The play is ride these out while the “HYPE” is continuing and sell on a Gamma Squeeze or a short squeeze and buy more traditional shares at a discount.

This is high risk!

Ezgo is on T212

So is HIMS

so is NCTY

So is TRVG but not in the isa

HIMS was rising for a completely different reason and as pointed already, it’s on T212.

This is not the way.

I guess they are not Pie-able as they are not fractional.