Remember the time we could just buy stocks on T212, good times!

Things I experienced in the recent months:

  1. Limit orders not triggered, market orders that stay pending for hours (no, not AMC and GME)
  2. The general graph is basically an animation of some line regardless of the price, or account value, if you want something even close to reality you must use the advanced graph.
  3. Dividends are taking weeks! to arrive, somehow other brokers do not suffer from that, even that you very nicely try to explain it as a “Market Problem”.
  4. Still getting the 95% error when trying to put a limit order even that you said you are removing it months ago.
  5. The fact you released the useless social pies before fixing basic functionality shows us that you try to be something else, not a broker.

I’m very disappointed, oh and the support chat is gone, and overall the level of support is below zero.


in US… Robinhood is in serious trouble. I wonder if Trading212 will go through legal action as well.

Whilst I agree a couple of things.

Do you mean they aren’t filled? There’s no guarantee they will fill. Thats not in T212s control.

The line chart is just an average, the candles are needed to see the OHLC on each minute but thats not new or unique to T212.

Now the ASK quotes that appear on the chart that come in from Bloomberg yep I have a big problem with those and have a huge thread on it. Delayed quotes, wrong quotes. It was meant to be fixed, still having issues.


Same for me.

Happening more frequently than ever before, so it seems. Infuriating. Do I cancel the limit order and put in a market order? Will I be able to cancel the limit order or will that just stay as ‘processing’ for hours leaving me wondering whether I’ve bought in or not? If I do a market order, when will it execute? Instantly or in 3 hours time?

Who’s control is it within? And how can we trade fairly without some level of expectation of service?

Totally. Most limit orders just won’t be accepted. And without a reason given, how can we, as users, know why, or adjust our offers to suit?

A lot of these issues could be addressed by giving more information to the user. If you can’t execute orders instantly or there might be delays, warn us, or tell us why.

Greetings :wave: ,

Chances are, you are already aware, that as an organization, we always appreciate constructive feedback.

Over the years, we’ve chiseled the idea of not only hearing but actually listening to our customers into our Company culture - hence the idea of this forum to give you a platform, through which you can clearly communicate your needs & wants.

That being said, it is our belief, that we’ve communicated the “why” behind each and every single action we’ve taken, over the course of the past unprecedented, but eventful year, that we’ve unwillingly been made witnesses of.

We’re constantly working to improve the provided service through proactive communication with all of our customers and trust that you can understand that during sensitive times, we have to take measures to ensure the company and its clients smoothest possible adjustment.

In that spirit - have no doubt-I am now reviewing your raised Ticked and will get back to you with an update within the hour

Edit: Please check your inbox.


Like any trade you need both a buyer and seller to agree on a price.

The prices shown are just indicative (and sometimes out of date)

When it comes to T212 they piggyback on IB

So your order will go to IB and then they send it to the exchange etc

When it gets filled IB gets a callback and passes that response back.

With regards to limit orders not being accepted, there’s a bug created by the precision used which is the main culprit.

So basically exchanges will have a max level of precision based on what the SP value is so

So above 1 it might only allow two X.XX

And below that it might allow four X.XXXX

T212 don’t really seem to have mastered getting the precision level to be correct, so it requires someone like @B.E or @Rumen to adjust


I think people set unrealistic expectations sometimes.

Pull things back to the basic, we can trade all the stocks available on the platform with only the standard broker/exchange charges. There is no paywall unlike other services, no £11.95 a trade, £10 an fx plus extra 0.5% spread. We receive a really valuable service here, without individually needing to have significant sums to invest.

212 offer all this and more to us at fantastic value. I think what can be interpreted as they’ve said, due to the level of additional features and user growth, the server load must be increasing exponentially faster than they were expecting and that has been impacting users of these additional features as above. Temporarily pausing the onboard of new users until a means to better handle the volume is 100% the right way to go in my view.

Also - they are open and try to answer queries and listen on this forum. It might take a while to get a response at times, but we do get a response.

Everyone has different expectations and values, and 212 are at the mercy to some external factors out with their control. Interactive Broker, market conditions(liquidity) and so on.

To me, 212 are still relatively new, but we are all here because we believe 212 provides us better value than elsewhere.

There will be bumps in the road, and it will take time to iron them out.


Yes, I agree, we’re all getting commission free trades and yes, that’s why we’re here. And I do acknowledge that T212 staff reply on here, which is helpful.


  • My expectations are only set by what has been advertised to me. It’s not unreasonable to expect software, or any other product to operate as advertised. I make software, and I know it has bugs (particularly anything I make), but it feels like what we are seeing here are infrastructure and design problems. Free trades are great and we all have a certain amount of patience, but T212 is not a charity - it’s making money - so it’s reasonable to accept a level of service in return. I can genuinely say I have lost money from these problems, and it feels unfair, and avoidable.
  • I never experienced any of the problems I mentioned when I first joined around 10 months ago. I was recommending T212 to all my friends at that time. Clearly these issues have started to happen under load, and this is T212’s problem, not our problem as end users.
  • Not providing the user with information in the UI is easily solved. If an order isn’t accepted, say why at the point of the order being made (i.e. decimal precision) so the user can make an informed decision. If there are delays, or the order is ‘processing’ for eons, give us some information to say that delays should be expected, how long for, why, and what happens if the user is left wondering whether their order has been executed or not. Answers to this may exist in the help but it’s good UX practice to put this in the UI at the point of use. It’s also easy and a good fix while we’re waiting for the infrastructure to be sorted out. Otherwise, people (like me) just come on here and moan, or write support requests that use up resources to respond to.

Anyway, I think that’s my spleen vented for a short while. I won’t even get into the whole GME ‘close only’ mode, because I might have a coronary…

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