Vectura VEC delisting /takeover

Hello has anyone got any news on this delisting takeover i believe by Philip Morris ? i have emailed Vectura office in the UK ,this their reply via

Good afternoon

This has been passed to us from Vectura.

As you hold your shares through a Nominee/Broker you can contact them directly and they can take part in the takeover offer on your behalf.

Kind regards

All i want to know is what will happen to my shares ,as i cannot trade them anymore, over to you 212

Hey @Timbo57 :wave:

First and foremost, welcome to our Community - we’re glad to have you aboard!

As for your question, we’re still awaiting further information from our intermediary - IB on how they plan to handle the event.

Once they provide us with the necessary details, we’ll make sure to notify all shareholders right away.

Hello B,E thanks for the reply,well i cant be on my own thats for sure :} , i must admit their silence up to now is deafening, but at least i had a response which to be honest didnt enlighten me as to the progress.

I am not very happy as i could have sold these before de listing if i had been informed beforehand, not blaming 212 for this btw, i cant spend all day wondering what will happen to my stocks on the off chance they get de listed etc.

I may have to face the prospect of writing off this holding as a major loss to me , i do feel that i have been had ,but hopefully a resolving of this issue will come about so its awaiting game.

This will teach me to be more careful in future stock picks

You’ll likely receive be the Philip Morris shares or a cash equivalent.

This isn’t a write off, it’s just a wait and see which.

Hello DD , Thanks for the reply ,sorry to be on a downer ,just had to vent a bit ,i am better now :} yes i agree its in the lap of the gods :} indeed a waiting game,these things take time to get sorted out.
i think the main thing is i could have sold this holding and invested in something else ,thats the frustrating aspect of this situation.