EUSV Delisting from LSE - Solved


I recently purchased shares in the ETF EUSV (ISIN IE00BSPLC298) listed on the LSE.

The ETF has now been delisted from the LSE, but continues to trade on the Deutsche Börse Xetra. I’ve tried contacting via email and in-app chat, to no avail.

Surely the security can simply be linked to the correct exchange, or if not, sold at current market value so that I am able to manually re-allocate?

Hopefully someone on this forum could give me an update to the situation, as I currently have money locked in the security with no option to sell.



I’m in the same boat.
I was informed through an in-app chat that they have to wait for ETF issuer to get back to them and tell them what they will do and will get a notification with a result.
I’ll wait, but I have a feeling it will not be resolved quickly…

I have talked to SPDR but they said they cannot deal with individual consumers and it will have to be resolved via trading212.

Has anyone had any updates on this one?

Hello :wave: ,

The liquidation of EUSV was finalized.

Each shareholder has received a platform message with full details regarding the matter. :+1: