Netflix stock - can someone please explain this?

So stock is up 24% result is 60.92 yet if I chose to sell this stock I’ll only get a profit of 4.32?

Am I missing something obvious here or is the difference between market value and current price normally this large?

Where are you getting 4.32 from? Looks like 60.92 is the profit.

Market price minus the buy price (that I paid)

Oh yeah I cam see now I have my column laid out in a different order so with no headings I was getting confused.

Sorry I should’ve included them. Option to sell at best market price is currently £312.83 and I bought at £252.25 with the difference being 60.58 so maybe this is right? I’m a bit confused by it honestly

The price (2nd column) and current price (3rd column) are in USD the 4th column (Market Value) is in GBP.

gotta watch out for the sneaky FX rate xD

Market value = Current Price * Quantity * FX rate