Transaction tax feature

It would be useful if you guys would implement a tool that helps keep track of the transaction tax. In belgium we do not need to pay tax on earnings but we need to pay 0.35% transaction tax. We need to submit this to the goverment every 2 months. With trading 212 you need to manually track this and calculate it. It would be awesome if the app would have some sort of tax calculator feauture

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I understand you but bear in mind that T212 aims to become a big player in the European market of stockbrokers. I find very difficult for them to implement every local country requirement (i.e. Belgium, Germany, Italy…you name it).
I think it is reasonable to expect good reporting on transactions made and dividends paid. And then it is down to us to make any calculation with the reports as backup in case any number we present is challenged by the tax authorities of Belgium, Germany, etc.

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To be honest, it is not that difficult. You have an overview of your transactions (buy and sell) in the History tab of the app/website. Just add them all together in a spreadsheet and apply the 0,35% TOB tax to the sum.

That way, you have all the information you need :

  • Amount of transactions ;
  • Taxable base ;
  • Taxes due.
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Yeah i get that it would be hard to implement it for every country. Maybe a transaction total per month would be very much appreciated.