Seeing every separate position

Hi, I was wondering whether this is something that is in planning or could be sometime in the future. I currently cannot see the separate positions and as such, I can’t choose which one to close. I assume that the first one to open will be the first one to close, but that doesn’t seem to be the safest way of going about this. Is this a thing that’s been brought up before and is there any plan about it?


Do you mean in a pie in invest/isa or cfd?

Your positions are cost averaged so will appear as one investment in one company

If it’s in the pie you need to export the companies or percentages of them in order to sell, this can be done from the actual pie investments page by the options button at the bottom

I mean my separate positions in one company in invest account. For example if I bought VUSA three times, I can only see the cost averaged position, but in my country, if I hold the ETF for over a year I don’t pay capital gains tax, so when I eventually want to sell, I would really like to be able to choose which exact position I am closing.

You would need to put them in separate pies and then export the one you want to sell this will give you a limit order the size of the shares you’ve purchased, unfortunately it will still be cost averaged but at least you will have the information in the history of that pie

You can’t in Invest/ISA those positions are just aggregated.

Only CFD has what you are after but it’s only meant for day trading and short swings not investing.