NEW CATEGORY(it’s me again)

What do people think about a feature in the app where we can click share stock and it shares it in either community or somewhere else if u copy it or apps are connected

Just so we can all get involved with upcomers growth stocks or even penny play stocks

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We definitely need that new category called “House of Medici” to collect all these topics.

Are you thinking to save time copying the ticker out and a link so it opens up the app at that instrument?

:sweat_smile: I read the (it’s me again) in a Here’s Johnny way.

I’ll tag @Vedran in just to make sure he can add his support


You’ve lost me

I always read it in the voice of ‘Hey you guys!’


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Do use know what this means new update for yahoo I think but says market value £1,200 ?? Think that’s there estimate? It isn’t the total gain you’d of had from beginning cos it had others high market values but stock is at all time low… and some others say arcimoto is normal

The Shining is the reference, worth a watch/read. House of Medici as in your avatar being Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici?

Back on topic, I agree and think it would be good to have a way share an instrument so that the link would open it back up. Might be worth updating the topic as it looks like a new category request instead so people know what it’s about. If you were talking about something else my mistake.

But we need to spell it with two 'i’s. Because of reasons…

And I need to make the first 3 letters of my name capitals :rofl::rofl::rofl: we can all try make smart comments

We can. But I don’t suppose that’s what either of us got onto this forum to do.

One thing that might be worth noting here is that no serious investor will ever take you up on this offer. Mainly because the idea of sharing returns is inextricably connected to broker cons that go back (at least) as far as the 1930s. Brokers used to go around waving their (fake) portfolios around saying ‘look at how much money I made… now invest with me’ and they were all basically faking. Since then, faking has got even easier–the internet and online brokerage accounts make this the easiest thing in the world. And this is why nobody will take you up on this offer—nobody will take someone who does seriously and they’ll look like charlatans in the process.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: who said invest with me? I saying let’s compare how much we deposited how much returns in time limits simple as that. Who cares about 1930s it happens more now companies wave there products around like mines the best. What’s wrong with that

That’s what I mean. Comparing ‘returns’ is far too easy to falsify in this day and age as to be essentially meaningless.

So what is this all about? How long you held a stock in your portfolio lol I want cash money mate don’t care if you held a stoc for 40 years and got dividends. Like I’ve said to was good timing for that nowadays that doesn’t Happen

Now I’m lost.

Isnt this topic about :point_down:

You seem to be derailing your own thread at this point :man_shrugging:

Duly noted, with apologies.

This one is partly my responsibility, I encouraged this by attempting to point out why no self-respecting investor will offer out their portfolio for this kind of thing.

I’ve already agreed with your idea that it would be great to share links in the forum etc that open up at that instrument in the app.

I think this thread has gone quite far off that it might be worth trying again, if there isn’t already a topic with a similar idea.

So you can’t see what Berkshire Hathaway has in his portfolio no?:rofl::rofl: the best investors want others to succeed to the sly investors hide it, and say other stocks are the bomb…

Time will tell and one day you’ll see my
Company and I hope you join just so I can show u how to make real Profit

Don’t know open a new one, I’m just gna email the team from now :grimacing::blush:

See use on the other side oh no, I’ll wave from it :1st_place_medal::hammer_and_pick:

Berkshire is different. It, like other companies, is audited by an independent auditor. In fact, I would agree to your game if you agreed to have your trading account audited by, say, a Big 4 accountancy firm?

Yeah I’d happily do that, I clearly have a Instagram with some of my beginning positions. I manage 3 portfolios :briefcase: one of them I reposted 30 pound it’s on 5,000 lol I can prove it if u want or don’t we do that in this game? Do we just hide out the way and make claims :grimacing::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I ain’t replying no more see use on the other side

Remember mediciiera

Good luck. I hope it works for you.