Users being able to share there portfolio on 212

This would attract investors who aren’t very knowledgeable about investing to the platform. Aswell as creating a community on 212. Let me know what you guys think.


for privacy concerns, not many people would be comfortable with others knowing the exact balance of their accounts.

However, there are some T212 users who share updates on their portfolio’s already through YouTube.

As a feature there may simply not be the demand for this to be built in, as mirroring is not a goal for team.

this feature is available in etoro.

while I can see its benefits, this can also represent a dangerous situation as you can be copying a user who bought on a dip for cheap and you buy when those same stocks are overvalued. this would put you in a bad place.

We are considering adding a share portfolio feature (optional). But currently it is with a lower priority compared to other features like AutoInvest and dividend info improvements.

P.S. It will not share the actual value of the investments - only asset allocation and performance in %.