New community accounts registration - temporarily disabled

New account registrations in our community are temporarily disabled. We noticed that many support/account-related inquiries are posted here, which further delays our customer care team’s replies via the standard communication channels. We are working tirelessly to catch up with the volume.

In the meantime, in our Help Centre, you can find about 300 articles that touch on different topics and announcements concerning service & popular trading instruments recent updates.

Additionally, we will also more actively moderate any account-related topics in the community and members will be redirected to our Customer care team for assistance, should this be required.

We understand that the delay in our reply is provoking inconvenience, and you can expect an improvement in that field, yet to ensure fairness in the flow, we will attend to all matters in a chronological manner


Not a bad measure for the time being, will keep the forum not too cluttered.

Also, any idea when will you resume new trading account registrations?


I don’t have any ETA. Nonetheless, I’ll post here any updates as soon as I have such.


Please PIN this to the top of the Forum.
Thank you.

Forgive me for being naive and may be a touch cynical but this has nothing to do with the “soo much requested, top of the list request feature” communities release to the mobiles has it?

this topic is referring to this forum in which you are posting.

I am well aware thanks Dao, hence my question.

it is a nice coincidence there is a new in-app feature just weeks after community forum registration is closed.

Both are not related. Above I shared why the community registrations were put on pause.

Soon we’ll enable those again, though.


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Community account registrations are now open. :bellhop_bell: