New Exchanges added in 2021

Just a reminder to everyone as to the expectation that was set.

Asia not the priority. European MSCI World Index countries most likely.



How come Canada isnt a priority as well? Apart from being one important exchange from a much more developed stock market, which is clear by being one of the few that belong to the 1 trillion dollar market cap exchange club. Plus, all the booming Cannabis and Psychedelic companies are listed there, plus some crypto companies!

Although I’m an european, please list that exchange before moving to secondary low liquidity and market cap european stock exchanges!

Thank you so much!


Going by what David had said above, it’s no doubt because those exchanges are easiest and quickest for them to add.

But what’s the point of focusing on adding ‘easy’ stuff that there’s none to low demand for it from your customer base rather than spending more time and resources adding something that indeed is much more valuable by your clients?

Basically, just adding Exchanges that basically nobody cares for the sake of ‘adding exchanges’ does not seem preferable to adding something that people really look for.

Just my 2 cents, but I’m trying to figure out the logic here!

Thank you

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Well define ‘nobody’. I’ve seen plenty of calls for the Swedish and Danish exchanges over the last year. The very reason I raised this post was because someone DM’d me asking if the Portuguese exchange was coming soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree, my personal preference would be HKSE, ASX and the TSE, but to say no one wants those others isn’t quite fair.

Let’s be honest, the very moment a new Belgian tech or blockchain company came roaring onto the scene, we’d all be up in arms that 212 didn’t have the Belgian exchange.

Adding these exchanges are likely cost and time effective for 212, costs us the customers nothing, and expands the platform and possibly entices more investors from those respective countries to sign up.

I’m just coming at it from a business change angle. Need to remember that 212 need to think about what enhances their business as well and we shuold try to see it from their perspective too.


I’m a Portuguese myself and I couldn’t care less about the Portuguese Stock Exchange being listed or not.
I was event talking on business perspective from T212 side. Plus, if that apparently isn’t clear for everyone, which I assume it is not, then why not just simply hold a Poll Vote asking T212 customers which Exchanges are a priority to them for listing?

Because there is clearly a cost, an opportunity time cost and thereafter a financial one, if the priorities aren’t being set accordingly to customers expectations.

+1. :+1:

But if it brings a new referral campaign, with also free shares for referring Portuguese investors that want to invest on PSI, I’m in, on adding the Portuguese Stock Exchange. (And on other new markets and countries.)

And we know that there are always a lot of investors with home-bias. :wink:

So, for a business point of view, it could also be good to T212.

I don’t know if bringing another currency to T212, CAD, could also rise the T212 expenses or create more pressure on the T212 operational side (and also investors could also ask for CAD accounts and more asking for multi-currency accounts). That why perhaps the T212 priority to expand the EUR offer on the existing exchanges and bringing more EUR stock exchanges.

Another major developed country also missing is Australia.

Hi @David do you saw these requests?

Thanks in advance.

I’m portuguese and I care. I was the one that asked the question to @Joey_Fantana.

I understand that some stock exchanges have more potential than others, but I see some potential in some portuguese stocks, that’s why I asked.

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yes please add these exchanges :+1:



Is there any update on what exchanges are planned to be added later this year?


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Not sure of next exchanges but just by way of update, I’ve been working through the Austrian and Belgian exchanges since they were added and can confirm that T212 have now added all stocks from these exchanges with the following exceptions;

  • ETFs
  • Companies that already have a presence on the platform already from another exchange, eg. Coca Cola, ING, AT&T, Carrefour, etc.)
  • Instruments that are not held on IBKR


Any update/info regarding addition of Canadian Stock Exchange (e.g. Toronto Stock Exchange) to trading212?
Some great companies listed there


Thank you!


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Hi, @JustLookingThx

The Toronto Stock Exchange is in our pipeline, and we are working on adding it to the platform; at the moment, no estimated time could be provided.

We will let you know if there are any updates. :metal:


I feel like this is missing, and I would love to see it added!

why is it so long to have all the stock exchange to be added since you are purchasing the shares on our behalf through IBR ? For sure they have access to all Stock Exchange, dont they ?

Maybe because they are adding new stocks on T212 UK platform and make all existing stocks & ETFs as fractional. And adding all these on the new EU platform. These things take time. T212 are completing all that on the existing stock exchanges. Maybe after those tasks are completed they will add new exchanges, make that all new stocks as fractional, before moving to the next stock exchange.

And T212 also announced several months ago, that they will add a batch of new ETFs. I suppose they will add that on both T212 platforms (UK & EU).

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Good news, Belgium (Euronext Brussels) and Austria (Wiener Börse) were already added.

Has anyone setup a Wishlist or can we, linked to forum accounts, so the same person cant request a market a million times :thinking: :crazy_face:

I can then add the AIM segments that IB dont have ( but not entirely sure how that would work :face_with_monocle:)

Would be nice to see more markets getting added.

any news on this?