New feature - “View-only Instruments”

Our latest update includes a brand new feature - “View-only Instruments”.

It lets you access any instrument from any account (Invest/ISA/CFD). This means you can now track forex, commodities and all other CFD instruments while using the Invest/ISA account without switching to the CFD one.

What’s more, you can set price alerts and add instruments to your watchlists.

Your capital is at risk.


That’s useful for tracking the historical FX impact on your investments.


I see that also with PPTA (Perpetua Recources), but not that I could trade PPTA as a CFD. Not that I want too.

When can I buy PPTA in Invest?

We already have the instrument available under our UK entity. Yet I’ll forward your request, and we’ll see if we can add it to our Cypriot entity as well.

I’ll keep you posted :v:

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Thank you, looking forward to hear from you.


Is there any news on this so far?

No developments yet, I’m afraid. I’ll keep you posted, though :v:

Quick update, @PaxUrsus :wave:

The instrument is now available for trading!

That’s great… thank you

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