Advanced View - UI Suggestions

  1. Under the ‘Auto’ split view option (or any other view), it would be a lot easier to ‘drag and drop’ the different chart windows than having to individually choose each one from the drop down filter.

  2. When the Buy or Sell instrument option window pops up for you to process an order, or stop limit etc., it would be helpful if you could then drag that pop up window around the screen also. Often I find it obstructs the open charts, which I try to keep an eye on before sending in the order.

  3. When showing each instrument total result, can you add an option to show the result after all currency conversion fees and any other applicable charges are added. Currently, the result is not a true value because it doesn’t take into the account the fees applied as soon as the position is closed.

  4. For any non-UK orders, it would be useful to have the ability to add a permanent view of some live currencies exchanges. There’s enough space to add some windows with this information between the Advanced View and Account Value at the top of the screen. Personally I’d like to see USD/GBP live exchange rate.



Your recommendation is appreciated and taken into account already. I’ll keep you posted.


Brilliant, thanks for the response. Look forward to the new updates.

Where do I begin? Let’s start with a couple of easy ones.

  1. Make it easier to access instrument information. IIRC (I am unable to check as I can no longer use legacy view), right-clicking on a chart or instrument in the open positions allowed us to select the ‘i’ option which displayed basic instrument information. That has disappeared in advanced view.

  2. Allow the dynamic result % to be displayed in the open positions box, as it was in the legacy view.

Some more difficult changes I would like to see include some flexibility in the screen layout so that I can move the bar with the alerts etc to the RHS of the screen where it used to be in legacy view.

Alternatively, you could just make the legacy view available again?

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I am unappy that Advanced view has been forced upon me this morning as I was actively trading and without any notice. I tried it and rejected it when it initially came out for a number of reasons.


I prefer the Legacy version. Dont we have a choice anymore? I like to see my individual shares performance as a percentage rise/fall. It doesnt appear to be an option?


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, guys. We’ve always strived to implement your feedback wherever possible and this time, it’ll be no different.

We’ll actively monitor this thread, so feel free to share your ideas and I’ll make sure to pass them along. :pray:

EDIT: magpielad You can still see the performance of your individual shares as a percentage + the result of your position. You simply have to :

  1. Open the platform and Select the Home button on the top left hand side.
  2. Choose Advanced view.
  3. Select the arrows at the bottom left hand side of the screen.
  4. Then choose the settings button on the right hand side.
  5. From the drop-up menu, select the variables which you want visible.

Do not hesitate to ping me or anyone else from the @team212 if you have any further questions.


First of all, forcing new layout it’s not very good customer service. I never had notification or email saying that, on the 17th of September, new layout will be the only option and legacy layout is decased.

Could you at least aloud moving charts around like in the legacy version, not the dropdown list. The dropdown list is very un-intuitive, and takes twice as much time to create prefered layout of charts. On top of that you don’t have layout templates that clients can create, so those has to be done manually. And by doing it with dropdown list you making it more labourious.

Also, it could be good to have icon on the bottom indicating how many: open positions you have, pending orders, alerts. Just like in the Legacy mode.


It doesn`t have the percentage rise/fall option in the drop down menu


Since the legacy view is discontinued and the ‘Advanced View’ has been implemented.

I found a few problems in the ‘Advanced View’.

  1. The latest UI doesn’t show the number of instrument under the instrument icon and also the number of pending orders are not displayed under the pending order icon.

  2. There is no current time being displayed.

Below picture for reference.

  • Legacy View
  • Advanced View
  • Don’t care
  • Both

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How about a vote on user view preferences, after all 212 would not be where it is today without customers?

hello, can i change my webiste look for the old one? i dont like new thanks

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the legacy view is no longer present.

oh no… :frowning: cant get use to new one :frowning: it’s ■■■■… if i want to sell or buy qucik need to make few clicks…

T212 support just confirmed me that. Because no official statement before the older interface was decommissioned.

New Web interface, isn’t so user friendly as the older, the search panel is so small and/or the font is too big, that everything is cut. The panel could be large to extended more the instruments’ names (the T212 search panel only use half of my screen, the other half is a empty unused desert):

→ Where is the Bid/Ask side-by-side?


yeah. still waiting on those few tweaks, but they should eventually iron it out. it’s just that we lost the prior alternative a bit sooner than expected.

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I have noticed a few other problems as well.

There is no time being displayed.

Neither the instrument icon nor the pending icon shows the number of instruments or pending orders.

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Hey, everyone :wave:

@RobertW, @HateMy9_5, adding indicators about the total number of open positions & pending orders is not within our plans, yet.

On a side note, we will work on implementing the option to move charts manually, instead of selecting them from the drop-down menu.

@RLX, improving the search panel section, where full company names are visible, is already in the work.


Thanks, a simple suggestion to help improve, use only the “FULL NAME”, as most of the times, “NAME” is the same as “FULL NAME”, or just a short version of it. That way it would free more space to extend more the “FULL NAME”.

Another solution could be to replace the “NAME” column by a “TICKER”/“SYMBOL” column.

Or lets us to select which columns will appear/disappear on the search panel.