Advanced View - UI Suggestions

  1. Under the ‘Auto’ split view option (or any other view), it would be a lot easier to ‘drag and drop’ the different chart windows than having to individually choose each one from the drop down filter.

  2. When the Buy or Sell instrument option window pops up for you to process an order, or stop limit etc., it would be helpful if you could then drag that pop up window around the screen also. Often I find it obstructs the open charts, which I try to keep an eye on before sending in the order.

  3. When showing each instrument total result, can you add an option to show the result after all currency conversion fees and any other applicable charges are added. Currently, the result is not a true value because it doesn’t take into the account the fees applied as soon as the position is closed.

  4. For any non-UK orders, it would be useful to have the ability to add a permanent view of some live currencies exchanges. There’s enough space to add some windows with this information between the Advanced View and Account Value at the top of the screen. Personally I’d like to see USD/GBP live exchange rate.



Your recommendation is appreciated and taken into account already. I’ll keep you posted.

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Brilliant, thanks for the response. Look forward to the new updates.