Can't access "Invest" mode

I’m on demo, planning to invest soon but I seem to have no access to “invest” mode. I’m stuck with trading CFDs. any help would be appreciated.

Hi are you using the desktop or mobile App?

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mobile app and desktop, I have a very old account though.


Some regions only have access to the CFD platform.

Same goes for ISA option, only UK residents can have this option.

So … short answer, depends on your region. Trading212 can help further if you believe your area is covered.


thanks for the reply sir, but it bugs me why my second account can access but not my old account. maybe its the saved information there right? as the old account got saved info.

Possibly ? I couldn’t safely say.
I remember seeing a person ask the same question and they were from Russia, Trading212 just said that the region only offers CFD for them. That’s my guess.

@David can you help? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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@username7776 Invest isn’t available in all countries, yet. DM me your account’s email address, you might need to open a new one even if you’re from an eligible country.

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