Multicurrency account GBP/EUR/USD etc

Economist wisdom: you can say what, you can say when, but never say “what & when” at the same time.

I should have listened to this :slight_smile:

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I’m just trying to figure out what this means for the future of GBP. I need my salary to be worth something so I can still to have a holiday :yum:


@Team212 Could we have an update please? My other brokers ALL have multi-currency accounts. Why is Trading 212 so behind the curve?? I will have to transfer my USD and EUR holdings over if this is not changed. Just one example:

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What is the purpose of the screenshot?

You cant freeze the GBP/USD or GBP/EUR exchange rates, but having a multi currency account would allow you to repatriate USD/GBP or EUR/GBP and vice versa at a time of your choosing. At which point you may be better or worse off.

The only thing you would save is the spread on the exchange rates from buying/selling against a different currency if you day trade, and hide the view of the rate movement between your account and invested currency.

What other brokers do you use out of interest - and what are their overall platform/trade fees?

@ppt2 You might find that article and its references helpful re hedging currency exposure.

@frauzufein We won’t be adding multi-currency accounts in the near future.

@George Can you confirm stock transfers to other brokers are possible with your platform?


Ok calm down please. If you were able to sell that stock at the point of your screenshot, and keep funds in USD, you would still have the same unrealised FX impact to GBP because the sale proceeds would be in USD is all I am saying, it just wouldn’t be as visible as in the screenshot. That was all I was pointing out. I don’t see how it is causing an unnecessary loss, more just realising a loss sooner than you may have chosen to do so by applying the FX back to the purchase currency at point of sale.

I do see the advantage of keeping the sale proceeds in USD, to save the spread if you wanted to purchase another USD stock, or apply the FX at a time of your choosing. There may be other advantages I’m not aware of.

I was also keen to understand other brokers that had multi currency as well. Thanks for this I will look into them.

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From the wording of your own post it read like you were having a bad day and being patronising yourself/venting, or misinterpreted the point where I was trying to be helpful and asking questions to find out more. Things get lost in words sometimes.

Fidelity/Hargreaves also offer basic broker services without multi currency at a much higher cost, but then they are more aimed at those looking to invest in funds not trade shares.

I wish you well and have a nice day.

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That’s a very sad news :frowning: @George
Any idea when or if it is on “to do list”?


what happened to change your minds?


What about at least removing the limit of one account per person? e.g. I have a GBP account but would like to open a CZK one too if you won’t do multi-currency accounts


I know it’s a bit sad. It’s one of the most requested features. But I guess we have other features prioritized more.

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I cannot deposit into T212 without fees so I was forced to start using another broker. 0.7% fee for credit card deposit doesn’t seem much but it adds up to significant amount long-term due to loss of potential compound interest from that amount paid for fees. Don’t get me even started on SWIFT…


Dear @George,

Thank you for the clarification about the topic. This is a very sad news since this was really the feature I was hoping the most.

Could you maybe envisage not a fully multi-currency account but a system where when we want to do a deposit we could select the currency of our deposit and then when you receive it you convert it to the currency of our account (something similar as when we buy stock in another currency). I ask a feature like this because I have read on this forum that your intermediary Barclays does not use a very interesting rate but maybe this has changed.

Or maybe could you confirm that you are working on a way to deposit for free on the plateform ? In my case, I live in Switzerland but have a USD account on your plateform and thus have no ways to deposit for free.

Thank you very much in advance for reading my comment.

I wish you a nice day !


Hi George, what a blunt way to rule out the most asked feature request on this forum, and maybe also the most discussed feature request. I read somewhere that other features have been prioritized. Then it sounds to me that you are not priotizing the features that customers want. This is the whole point of this forum and polls in the forum for your dev team to understand what would “sell”.

I am not going to explain here again why multi-currency is a given for most of us.

However, I would like you to expand on your statement and explain the choice not to add multi-currency? Maybe there are some complications of implementing this for T212 that are beyond our knowledge.

Anyway, a better way to treat your customers would be to improve your communication, especially after the statement that “you’ll consider it for Q2 2020”.


the point of the forum is to give those who use the platform a single local place to discuss stocks, funds, strategies and out look on the market. being able to request features is a bonus, not the core purpose.

as for the polls, they are informal and non-binding, just because more people happen to vote for something does not make it something they must add.

That’s true, but is normal to request features on the forum. What is Not normal is to have different answers from the @Team212. At some point this request was planned for 2Q 2020, and now 2021 and there are no idea? At least some clarification…

the different answers are because a pandemic happened and the situation they found themselves in changed. things still keep changing and the result is they have to change priorities and can’t commit to anything they may have before. This was mentioned to people on various occasions when asked. However not all answers are in the same place because people make duplicate threads around the forum and T212 spend more time working on the platform than scrolling through the forum.

the biggest delay to new features was the explosion of new clients and the result was they had to focus a lot more manpower, time and money into the team, servers and infrastructure. even now they are working hard to try and improve the software to a point that it can scale more smoothly once the register-lockdown ends and the waitlist is resolved. You can’t pre-plan for an unexpected explosive growth of this scale.

the growth below doesn’t happen on its own without a hell of a lot of work behind the scenes:

Perhaps if you had an external party open up a USD account, you could then use a third party to convert from CHF to USD, and then deposit.

Not sure if that would be free, but could be cheaper as an alternative?