New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 14th Aug)

Thank you ,let’s trade

Restarted both. It’s not working. Shows $0 price. Total garbage

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I’ve askes a friend and he cannot buy either . Iphone 11 is the os

Total garbage?

How much do you know about IPOs?

How much you know about app development?

Irrelevant to your issue. The price shows nil because the IPO hasn’t listed yet.

Have some bloody manners.


Very relevant. You could display a message that the ipo didn’t start yet instead of nil value and nil budget to buy. Why am not allowed to ppqce orders anyway? (I.e put order when it opens)

Or you could do an ounce of research and understand how it works, in the market and on the app, rather than bumping your gums and bemoaning the good work they’re putting in to make sure you can trade on day one.


@PeterA thanks for adding and sorting out the issue with yesterday’s additions. Stellar work as always.


Why don’t you tell me how it works, smarty pants?

:smile: Smarty pants. Love it.

As I mentioned earlier, if you search, you’ll find I and several others have discussed and explained it several times. I’m not going to waste my time re-typing it again here. Do the work.

I missed the start again…there should be an option to automatically buy when it becomes available

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Has anyone looked into Duck Creek Technologies? (DCT)

Very quickly when composing the OP above. Like the sound of them actually and in the queue of prospectuses I am trying to work through.

I agree, they sound good but I don’t know much about it apart from that it sells insurance software :slight_smile:

So where the likes of Lemonade are a full suite platform for their own insurance proposition, Duck Creek are a SaaS solution that more traditional insurers can use to optimise business. All I know so far. I’m sure their prospectus will delve into their current big clients, which will give a good idea of market awareness.

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DGNR is another SPAC I’m intrigued by! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any news on DGNR please?

@David @PeterA


The reason they weren’t added, and the reason I add them at the bottom of my messages can be found here;

We need to wait ~52 days.

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Congrats today to anyone who got into CVAC on IPO - lovely gains today. Hopefully without the dump! :slight_smile: