New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 14th Aug)

Very quickly when composing the OP above. Like the sound of them actually and in the queue of prospectuses I am trying to work through.

I agree, they sound good but I don’t know much about it apart from that it sells insurance software :slight_smile:

So where the likes of Lemonade are a full suite platform for their own insurance proposition, Duck Creek are a SaaS solution that more traditional insurers can use to optimise business. All I know so far. I’m sure their prospectus will delve into their current big clients, which will give a good idea of market awareness.

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DGNR is another SPAC I’m intrigued by! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any news on DGNR please?

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The reason they weren’t added, and the reason I add them at the bottom of my messages can be found here;

We need to wait ~52 days.

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Congrats today to anyone who got into CVAC on IPO - lovely gains today. Hopefully without the dump! :slight_smile: