New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 17th July)

Good morning, @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NASDAQ:ALXO (ALX Oncology Holdings)
NASDAQ:BLI (Berkeley Lights Inc.)
NASDAQ:PAND (Pandion Healthcare Therapeutics Llp)

There is also a SPAC going live today, Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions, however given the ticker is DFHTU I’m guessing this falls into the units bucket that can’t be added just yet - would be good if you could confirm, and @Arron if you could add to your spreadsheet/list, that would be appreciated.

It also looks like the following that went live yesterday were all missed in all the SPAC excitement;

NASDAQ:RLAY (Relay Therapeutics)
NASDAQ:TIG (Trean Insurance Group)

If you can add these all to the platform that would be much appreciated.





ACLL :heavy_check_mark:
ALXO :heavy_check_mark:
BLI :heavy_check_mark:
PAND :heavy_check_mark:
RLAY :heavy_check_mark:
TIG :heavy_check_mark:


Hi @Joey_Fantana as per my latest post on my SPAC thread, I’ll overhaul the list and add Deerfield once it IPOs today.

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Cheers - sorry didn’t read that yet.

No worries mate, didn’t mean it that way (you wrote yours before I did mine) - I just meant there’s more detail over on that other thread but that the short answer is ‘yes’!

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Hi guys, I think WPF (Foley SPAC) has begun trading common (class A) shares separately from its units today.

Have tried to cross reference IBRK’s database but that particular part of their site is down, but the WPF ticker (not just WPF.U) is returned in a search on their general site.

In other words, I think this one may be good to lift the suspension/re-add but of course I’ll await your checks.

Many thanks