New layout is just not it

I mean…you know that’s not how it works right?

I agree it could do with a few tweaks, but it’s not far off.

(P.S every community I’ve ever been part of has hated every update to UI good or bad, so 212 - don’t be too disheartened by it. Most people have small issues - the rest just don’t like change due to the way our brains are wired.)


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I have to disagree, any major changes ideally are rolled out to a beta. Any bugs are then ironed out and the wider community are offered a choice. Major systems I use for work or general life usually do a update by a beta test first. Also, we provide 212 with funds from our trading. Therefore, IMO we should have a say on how our UI is changed. Finally, 212 have been slow to add extra exchanges, the time and effort used for a backwards UI that doesn’t even so quantities of shares owed is just well backwards and could have been used to add extra exchanges. I’ve been a massive fan of 212 for 2/3 years and often sung their praise on here and Facebook groups, but whilst not deliberately trying to be obstructive I can’t get on with this UI.


You also used to be able to swipe back to your home screen when viewing a stock right? Muscle memory has me swiping from the left edge to no avail with the new update

Is it me or are the fonts/gaps between things also larger? Graphic design wise this update seems v weak


You’re correct that function has gone, the font is much larger and the financial summary text has gone too.

Hi guys,

Thank you all for the meaningful feedback! I’ll explain the reasoning behind this change.

We discovered that many of our users who own multiple ETFs issued by the same company (e.g. iShares) are having difficulty differentiating them. That’s because the logos of these ETFs match, and their names are pretty long and, in most cases, also fairly similar. This makes the symbol (ticker) one of the best ways to identify an ETF.

We brainstormed ways to mitigate this, such as adding an additional label to display the ticker, adding a badge displaying the ticker in the logo image, and others. Unfortunately, they all added too much clutter and visual noise to the investment list. We’re actively trying to avoid this because visual noise induces cognitive load, which is one of the worst enemies of any user interface.

We decided to take a step back and look at the big picture again. We questioned the value of every label on the investment item and realized that since we introduced fractional shares, the ‘number of shares’ label has become less relevant. Most of our users are now “investing money” rather than buying “numbers of shares”. And most of their portfolios look like this:

We decided that displaying the ticker brings better value to the portfolio list over long strings of digits which are hard to read in any case (1.2345678)

That being said, it is possible that knowing the number of shares you own on the portfolio level is very useful to you, and we’re missing something. We would appreciate it if you share with us your use case.


That makes a lot of sense with context and I agree for that change. But I find the simple solution would be a customisation option in the settings to select ticker or number of shares. It would also be good if there was an option to show the number of shares in the investment list rounded to 2 significant figures or something. As long as the stock page has a way to see the full decimal for tracking purposes.


We know this is not perfect. It is a temporary change.

Long story short, we’re overhauling our UI (new technology + design refresh). This inconsistency in the behaviour when opening an instrument from a watchlist vs from the portfolio screen will enable us to ship a significant update much faster. Once done, we’ll give you back the < button. Thank you for your patience!


Can you not add a setting to turn on / off this ticker / shares so we can decide for ourselves what is displayed.

I have also just another annoying change come up. I got a notification for a price alert, except it didnt tell me what for. Message was simply:

" reached a price of 14"

Seems like you have been messing around with this also. I had to go through all my shares to work out what had actually been triggered!


Thanks George on rely to the issue. I understand where you are coming from, but what Cavan already mentions. It would be a quick fix if you could choose between seeing the ticker symbol and the share count. That the ticker symbol is the default for new users, but with a option in the trading settings this can be switched back to the share count.


Currently, we’re not considering adding a setting, but if it turns out this bothers many people we might.

This is a bug that we know about and it’ll be fixed shortly. Thank you for mentioning it anyways!


+1 for adding a setting so its the users choice.

Personally I want my share count back on the main screen, its a more valuable indicator for me.

Also having to then enter each position to view the share count has to be adding more queries to your DB? as there are more lookups on the FULL stock page. Removing the share count really does feel like a step backwards for me personally.


Can you not just have 2 tabs? One for investments in regular stocks and one for Efts. The recent changes could be used for the Efts and the old UI brought back for the stocks tab. I can’t use this interface. Please return it.


There should be a poll about this. I am also not happy with this change. As one user said this is a “backward” step. This suggestion of two different tabs of Stocks & ETFs is a good one. Please reconsider other layout changes are good btw. I really new text refresh.


Don’t think this will change anything due to the reasoning given, but less see how people feel:

  • Ticker Symbol
  • Number of Shares
  • Don’t Care

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Please let’s have at least 3 new tabs - value stocks and growth stocks should not be mixed together. The third one for ETFs is fine, I give you that.

I seem to have an annoying new bug that i cant see mentioned, my portfolio holdings keep defaulting back to the 5 minute chart on the android app.
( I do wish we had a template we could use across all portfolio accounts).

Where did you get the feedback - from the community? :thinking: It’s the first time I hear about this issue.


Likely not considering there’s only a handful of regular posting here. I’d suggest over chat.

In the previous version I would select one of my positions to check on their details then have an easy way back to my list - it was right there on the bottom of the screen … and so therefore right next to my thumb. Screenshot from two days ago:

Now, the way back to the list is an ‘X’ in the top right hand of the screen… the furthest point of the screen for the majority of users:

Makes no sense to me…