New layout is just not it

Hi, thanks for the update!

Everything works fine for me, except the share count that is missing. Please try to put the share count back in a future update, would appreciate it!

Also I’m having difficulties with my push notifications for dividend payments (not getting them). Any tips how to resolve this? Have gone through the settings of the app and phone many times now, but cannot get them working on my iPhone SE 2020 unfortunately. They have worked in the past and for other apps they do work.


@HRD, I’ll DM you so we can check the case with your dividend notifications.

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I would also like the Share Count back.

It feels weird to see your shares without knowing how many you own and feels a little nefarious somehow which I don’t believe is the intention.

Hopefully T212 can sort this out as we do meed to know how many shares we own!


I echo the call re the return of share count on the Watchlist screen.

Also, the UI now takes 5 seconds to display when going into a share instead of 1 second! Font changes responsible?

Finally (so far), I run my phone in dark mode to save my eyes. The 1D, 1W, 1M etc background colours are barely visible since the changes. Tried hurting my old eyes and reverting to non-dark theme, selecting different in app theme choices to no avail…please revert asap.

Have downgraded until the new unnecessary changes are removed/improved.

Please allow users to test a new version and opt to upgrade rather than force adoption on something as personal as a UI change.


I agree!!

Sorry guys, but yet again, another terrible update, the user experience is now even worse! Slow, clunky and less streamlined…

As the post above mentioned, make suggestions and put it out on the forum before making stupid unnecessary changes.

It was fine before the previous update.

Well done.


As a general note try to be constructive with feedback - a lot of this is just saltiness. 212 don’t set out to upset their users and they’d agree on this occasion they have probably made an error of judgement with this one. BUT this sort of clap-back Karen-like feedback is exactly why companies don’t share what they’re doing with the community.

We had this issue at Monzo where every little thing Monzo staff tried to present got shot down by folks - with comments that look a lot like yours.

Do you know what they did? Stopped posting, leaving the community manager trying to answer queries with very little insight into the actual issue, those that he could get round to reading.


I think the main problems here are the lack of communication. Let me be as open and honest as I can and I can only talk personally. I do enjoy, well did enjoy the app before. I love the fact that I can save for the future and do a little trading. My ultimate aim to to achieve a balance that can pay my mortgage off should I wish. This is personal to me and not everyone of course.

On these forums you’re see so many people asking for SIPP, other exchanges I think someone suggested a children’s ISA. All these things possible and we’re told no ETA etc. That’s fine, but why make such as UI change without running a Beta and leave all these other things behind?

These forums are filled with people ready to offer constructive feedback and not just salt for the sake of salt. I previously mentioned that most platforms I use for work offer a Beta first, perhaps a beta working group could be picked from these people on here clearly offering constructive feedback.

I too have noticed slow loading times, on the information page it gets stuck. I have to close the app and relog. Font too large, share count missing. Someone even pictured a possible work around. As I said before I’m not trying to be obstructive, but the attitude of here is the change and that’s it, doesn’t seem very customer focused.

It’s possible that they’ve not thought of a beta working group, if not hey @Bogi.H @Tony.V and I really think that would go along way. I personally really want the previous version back, it was fast, slick and I knew my way around it with my eyes closed.

If ETFs were an issue perhaps during a beta working group an extra tab could have been introduced with the share count removed and the normal UI left as it was for regular investments.

212 please take this feedback as constructive, open and honest. I’m not being salty for the sake of it and this new UI doesn’t do it for me. I know plenty of people who use 212 but are not on Facebook or these forums who really dislike it too.

I would be honoured and very happy to be part of a working group if you ever decided to set one up, but I’m not going to lie I’m disheartened by these changes.


Loyal customer


Regarding the ETF/screen real estate issue, perhaps both sides might be placated by showing, for example, 7.x or 1,533.x for the integer and fractional share counts where needed.

Point being, ask for suggestions, get some ideas that perhaps hasn’t occurred to the designer(s) of the UI. Two heads were always better than one…and less hacked off customers.

Just to say, they do have a beta but they rarely send beta versions out. They also have different teams internally working in the UI vs investing features. It’s not like the entire team have been working on this instead of other things.

And one point about you liking the old app because you could use it with your eyes closed, change happens and you will get used to it. Think about if Facebook never changed from the original versions. Sure there’s pain getting used to it, but it’s better in the long term. And as he said, there’s a major overhaul due so this isn’t the final version.

Looking forward to seeing how the app looks in the next major update!


At the end of the day, knowing your share count is a big fundamental indicator of which should be on the main screen. Total cost invested isnt as important when 1 share can cost $2 and another $600. I just dont see why they would think removing it was a good idea, especially when the ETF issue seems to be limited in complaints.


If Settings change is considered in the next design/UI,
and if only 2 parameters are displayed,
then user should have a option to pick 2 parameters out of 3 (Instrument name/Ticker/Quantity)

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@Tony.V @George @Team212

Number of shares view was more useful than ticker, particularly when checking our upcoming dividend payments. Now we have to click into every holding, whereas before it was all on one page. This is so inefficient.

I hold many ETFs with the same providers and it’s definitely not hard to differentiate between them. It’s literally in the name! Who on earth gave you that feedback?

The removal of the various ways to exit out of a holding seems pointless and restrictive. Previously, your thumb was right there and you could click any of the menu buttons at the bottom to quick access whatever you wanted.

Another feature removed is on the CFD side: How you could simply turn your phone to the side to change view but now you have to click to expand first. Phones already have a built in anti-flip for those who can’t control it. Don’t punish everyone for that when there is an existing fix for those who need it.

Almost everything you’ve done has made the app less user friendly and efficient. I know I’m repeating what’s been said many times here but you need to know the extend of the irritation this terrible update has caused.


Late to this party, however my mobile app just updated today. I completely get why so many users don’t like this update - not being able to see the number of shares I have in a position is a pest. I’d so want to go back to the way it was before. Or add in another line for those that want the ticker. I liked it better before to be honest :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you all for voicing your opinion on the matter. Clearly, we’ve underestimated how important it is for so many of you to see the share count on the portfolio level.

We will revert that change with our next update.


That’s great news! Definitely consider this though, I think it is the solution:


I would like to add my 2p here.

Don’t be afraid to change things in the future. We appreciate your innovative approach and not being afraid to try new things. I agree you can’t always get it right BUT in my 2 years of using your app this is the first “hiccup” that I can think off.

Keep up the good work :+1:


Thanks George. Love all of the other changes in this update, and app looks very slick. Glad that you’re always trying to keep things innovative, new and added features. Not everything works out, but at least keeping things fresh and listening to the feedback of users :sunglasses::+1:

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Thank George!! It means alot that 212 listens to its users!


Totally right, they reduce the functions, its more basic and the position disapear as well they dont indicate on the chart your position only on the website.

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Thanks for rolling back this change George and listening to your customers. :+1: