New layout is just not it

If you read above, it’s nothing to do with no knowing what a stock’s ticker symbol is. It’s because people holding multiple ETFs by the same company have a hard time distinguishing which one is which by the full name. Regardless, I agree. Share count is important at a glance. But the solution is having both; as there is plenty of room.


How about a basic/advanced view as a solution. On the advanced view, you can tick what information and select what order you want to see?

That way it’s fully customisable.

(Not fully thought through how you fit all the crap on screen if you select everything).


The issue has been rectified @wouter1182.

The share count underneath the ticker is now showing.

Thank you T212 team👍


Thankfully this has been fixed! I can now see the share count! It was a nightmare going back and forth just to view them. I usually have a target number in my head and when DCA it’s just easy having that first glance and decide which share needs immediate attention especially in this bearish market. Awesome :clap:t5: :sunglasses:

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Another suggestion - can we make a hybrid solution?
Instead of ticker only

  • TSLA

or quantity only


To have both -

  • 0.024315 TSLA SHARES

It would be OK for ETFs too.


Hi @Moocher, these concerns will be addressed in a July update. Massive improvements to mobile charting are in the works. Don’t turn off your TV just yet!


Can’t wait for this + (if you can add) calculating our returns with different ratios (TWR, MWR) & comparing it with S&P 500 return.


I support this solution!



To be honest, now I find completely useless to have the graph bars in the “overview” section as they literally are unreadable. Before, you could long press them and get EXACT figures. Now to get an idea of the value, you have to open the sub-section about financials, which makes the graph-based representation a complete waste of space.

Before, it was extremely handy and useful.

Surprised nobody proposed this already. Such a simple and effective solution!

Well, it looks simple to us. In reality - imagine that they have to test this on hundreds of devices, and for some lower-res android phones or for iPhone Mini - it might look unacceptably bad. So that was just a humble proposition, I won’t hate anybody if it doesn’t happen.


Hi @Team212
I have notice that some additional changes to the app layout were introduced today. The short cut to the bar graph is really usefull
I have however 2 comments on 2 things i dislike:

  1. The dotted line showing the average price of our position, is now really hard to see. Could you please make it more visible it used to be in white; and
  2. I found it really helpful that the line graph would be presented in either green or red, depending on the instrumente performance on the selected period. Is it possible to bring that back as well?

Thanks for your great work improving the app


I think for your question (related to the graph view), another thread is better suited as George has also already replied to point 2 (why the green/red colour has been removed) here: Trading View charts - #8 by George :blush:

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Thanks, since this thread was about changes to the layout, i posted here. Did not realize there was another set of post about this.

Sounds like this has already been resolved.

But anyway, to add context, the reason it is useful to me is that I have stocks across different T212 accounts and different platforms. I therefore have a google sheets where I type in the number of shares in each account which collates them all up to tell me the total volume, value and % of total portfolio across everything.



Really not loving this new chart display. Candle sticks is a nice touch but the chart, it’s not playing ball. Was nice and simple before.


That’s the thing, it was nice and simple before. Now they have added candles and bunch chart tools in full screen and other things but why would I need that on my 6.4" Android phone? I’m not going to draw technical analysis lines of my phone screen with my finger. It’s just stupid. Before, we had a very simple chart that just showed you how the share price is moving over the week, month, etc. and that was exactly perfect and what was needed on the phone app. Now, I have all these tools that are useless on my phone and I click on the chart and it gets all screwed up and weird unless I click it exactly right. Once again, an update that only made the app worse. These guys have no fking clue what they are doing.

As is tradition with T212 team they have actually removed features that people liked too. Before, the chart would be either green or red depending on share price performance for a selected time interval. That’s was removed in this last update because people found this feature useful and we cannot have that!


Why include this sentence? Who are you trying to hurt?

Perhaps he was a bit rude in that sentence but he has a point in everything he said. T212 appears to put effort into changes that a small share of users will enjoy, which would be fine if it didn’t impact negatively the remaining users. In this “update” it does affect many users. It doesn’t make sense that this community has a post with many requested features that are ignored or postponed. Instead of those requested updates, we get technical analysis for smartphones… So, with no disrespect I ask, do these guys know what they are doing?


So I’m not really bothered about charting either, or technical analysis at all for that matter - it’s akin to horroscopes for me and I always find myself laughing when it’s presented to me. That said - what’s the difference between past and now? The charts look the same to me and if you didn’t use them before why not just don’t use them now?

Secondly, 212 has about 50 members who use the community, not even 0.01% of their userbase. This community is in no way reflective of the suggestions they get and will only make a fraction of suggestions that they get from their other channels. What people want here is frankly irrelevant.