New shares-cannot find mine

where do l find my free share? the person who opened the new account has found there’s but l cannot find mine

if they did indeed use your code, you should have received a notification on the platform. did the notification not arrive?

no but the other person did ,got one GE share

The staff can sort that out. Send them a message on this forum or via mail explaining the whole lot.
Ideally if you can wait - contact a member of staff next week through the online chat when that becomes available.

I had this happen myself, but all was resolved in the end. They just need to verify etc.

@chester I can see that one person has signed via your link, and a free share was already issued for him (on 25.11.2020). If that’s not the case you’re referring to, then please be sure to reach us at, and we’ll help you out. :v:

l thought both people received the free share as l cannot see the one allocated to me.