New Tax on LSE AIM?

Hello all,

Has anyone else noticed that Stamp Duty Reserve Tax been added to LSE AIM shares?

I’ve been investing in UK startups recently under the impression that…

“as of 28 April 2014, you no longer have to pay Stamp Duty when buying shares traded on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market or on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).”
~ Motley Fool Article

I placed an order yesterday that never materialised, this did not include any SDRT.

Upon market close, I cancelled the pending order to re-evaluate when the market opens today. After the market opened I went to place the exact same order, but this time it had the additional cost of SDRT.

I’ve checked all of the other companies I invest in listed on LSE AIM and any future orders will now be subjected to this same tax.

I’ve had no communication of this change, only noticing on the confirmation screen.

What I want to know is why has this changed?
Is it a 212 change, a government change?

If I google “LSE AIM SDRT” the first article is from

Edit: link to actual article - Stamp Duty Exemption | London Stock Exchange

“Since 28 April 2014, SDRT & Stamp Duty have not been chargeable on transactions in eligible securities on London Stock Exchange’s AIM and High Growth Segment. Purchases made by Private Investors in an eligible security are therefore SDRT / Stamp Duty exempt.”

Why are we now asked to pay this tax?

I’m not seeing this on a couple of AIM stocks I just tried, which ones did you try it on?

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Are these not main market LSE stocks (therefore not LSE AIM)?

Other than Nightcap, which is AIM and when I do an order on the app it doesn’t apply stamp duty as expected - not sure why you are seeing otherwise…

See boohoo page on LSE website

See Kanabo page on LSE website

If you try place an order on Boohoo (for example) you’ll see there is no stamp duty applied.

Yes please say what stock it was that you were getting taxed on