Stamp Duty on AIM Stocks?

Any reason why Trading212 does this when AIM is exempt from this Tax?

For which stock(s) did you encounter this situation? For the AIM stocks I bought so far (ITM for instance) I haven’t paid any stamp duty.

Someone mentioned it on Youtube when they bought an AIM stock (where they screenshot the purchase with Stamp Duty).

I wondered why that happened as you don’t tend to pay it. Maybe it is an error or something.

Just hoping it applies to all AIM stocks when I buy one in the near future. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing very likely the YouTuber is wrong. Either it’s not a stock on AIM or misinformation.

Almost a decade since stamp duty was made exempt on them.

As far as i know stamp duty is not levied on AIM stocks as long as they are not listed on another recognised exchange…as is often the case is could be more complicated than that

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AIM is the submarket of the LSE. It’s not a case of other exchanges.

There’s currently 850 on it.

Edit: 28 April 2014

So N Brown and HSS are listed on AIM

Trading 212 charges me for this?

Anyone have an answer to this?

@bmbm365 really simple to resolve. Open the app and select " Chat with us"and raise a support ticket. Give details of the share and the team will pick it up and resolve it for you.


Hi, yea I did that and they told me n brown is listed on ftse main market so I should pay stamp duty. I then told them it moved to aim in December. They didn’t understand what I was saying.

I sent them a link during them it’s in the aim market, then they sent me a link saying you get charged stamp duty on stocks on ftse main market.

We went round on circles, so I thought I’d bring it to the forum in case I’m completely missing something.

What’s your opinion on why I get charged stamp duty on this stock?

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@bmbm365 AIM stocks are exempt, so no stamp duty should be collected. I’ve escalated a ticket on your behalf and you can expect an update asap. Any inaccurately applied charge, will be refunded, that’s for sure. Please excuse us for the provoked confusion throughout your chats.

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Thank you! N Brown and HSS hire are stocks that moved to AIM, but i’m not sure of any others. It might be worth doing a full review. I know some have moved the other way around.

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