Next big sector?

IT has been performing well for years, and likely to do so, but I think we might have a shift to natural resources.

Think agricultural land, water, mining companies. That type of thing. Possibly even recycling companies.

Resources are finite, and we’re only just starting to scratch the surface on realising what the limits are.

Question is, what is the best way to invest in this sector?

We will potentially innovate our way forward.

Just to take one example with the agricultural land - precision fermentation and other developments in the food sector might reduce the need for it and farming might become a niche thing.

p.s. Recently I’m thinking about starting a postion in FVAC (MP Materials) since their rare earth materials go into smartphones and will be used in the further “electrification” of everything.
This is the only such mine in Western Hemisphere. Our Lord and Saviour Chamath is also backing this enterprise. The mine went bankrupt with previous management, so this is still a risky bet.