Next ITS 1700% move! Hot stock VRS - Versarien PLC

We seen ITS do 1700% in the last few days. Now that rise is done. We need to find the next one. I think Versarien PLC - VRS could be the one to do a similar move. In June we seen this rise from 1p to 7p over a few sessions. It has fallen back to 1p area as it recently had to do a raise. Now that the raise is finished and we are back at 1p this is the zone for it to then get chased back up quickly to 7p. We seen how fast this can move and it is likely to move very quickly.

VRS is in the hot graphene sector and has many major deals with companies such as Umbro and Costain Group. there is plenty of upside in this and we have seen the likes of ITS do 1700p this week, the market is hot right now and it is likely to do the same here at VRS. Good luck. this isnt financial advice. always do your own research.


Not to be a party pooper or anything, but graphene has been hot for about 15 years now :rofl:

Only 15? I wrote an article about it 5 years ago for Feetrade. In fact it was about Versarien, which I correctly identified as a sh1tco.

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Well I do think the first ever made graphene was 2006 or around that date. Theory work has been studying its potential existence and properties since at least the 90s.

Last I’ve heard, only existing commercial applications are “graphene powders” for certain paints and coatings, and we’re nowhere near having any kind or reliable large scale manufacturing process.

But every few years it comes buzzing and a new generation of people hear about it for the first time and get all excited :person_shrugging:

I found it. Same problems today as they had back then

Yeah I went through the science here.

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