Vivint solar acquisition by Sunrun

Hi T212 team,

So, apparently Vivint (VSLR) is being acquired by Sunrun (RUN) and each VSLR shareholder gets 0.55 shares in RUN. Please tell me I’m not getting cash equivalents of those?

and 2) when is it going to happen as it has occurred as of today (unless i’ve got my info incorrect).

Thank you

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@PeterA / @Martin / @David - anyone?

Hello @H2T2,

The matter will be resolved in the following hours. As we are not ready with share distribution functionality as of this moment, the cash equivalent will be distributed to your account.

:sob: also :sob: for 20 chars

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I feel your pain, if I’d have known our positions were getting sold I would have sold a couple of days ago when I was at major highs.

i got this message, which is appreciated, although i think this might not be a fair cmopensation method as technically, we’re entitled to 0.55 of the shares in Sunrun. so i’d expect the fair value of compensation to be 0.55 x 78.07 (closing price of Sunrun on 7th Oct) = 42.9385, else i’d say we’re at a loss by simply closing positions and not getting a like for like share based compensation.


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same thing happened to me - thats what you get from a free trading plaform - comes with pros and cons. yea its not ideal but we get free trading.

i wouldn’t antagonise them just yet. usually they come back with reaosnable explanations or corrections and i have largely been happy with what they are doing (except the horrible execution times, which i admit should become a priority now after autoinvest and pies given how many orders rebalancing pies generate).

I know what you are saying but im not antagonising them - and i think they would agree with me.
They are still building the platform as well.

I got the same message, but the money received were much less.

I should have received 20 shares * 42.40989 USD / share * ~ 4.13 RON / USD = 3503 RON

What I got is much less 2925.31 RON, it doesn’t make sense.

@H2T2 @JayCais3 When such an event happens (acquisition by another company paid in shares of the acquirer), we receive the shares through our intermediary (in this case - RUN). Meaning that we know have to distribute that X quantity between the clients, who held a position on VSLR. As we are yet to build the distribution of shares, we have to give out cash equivalents. We do that by selling the shares (RUN) at the market and pass on the proceeds in full to the clients (T212 inherits the cost of commissions etc.), that is the only way to guarantee that we act in a rightful way with clients’ funds in compliance with CASS rules.

@vegancorr What you see as a transaction is only the profit from your position. The initial investment has been freed back to your account without a transaction log.

hmmm, i want to see your point but i feel there is an inconsistent treatment between share splitting and acquisitions given splits happen on the last day with the closing price. i appreciate, these are 2 different things but fundamentally, they aren’t. i wouldn’t expect acquisitionary distributions or rights issues or stock splits to be different in any way given the math behind them.

i’d contest the CASS rules too given i’m an auditor but that’s a different story. it all depends on when T212 sells those share, which if it was the day after, RUN lost about 7% on opening which puts us at a disadvantage.

now for me it may be small (the % still matters) so i’m willing to let to not make a big fuss about it, but for some it might be a big amount and might be a matter of principle.

at the end of this, you’re all still way better than anyone else i’ve encountered but in the absence of competition, i guess the best way for you guys to develop is by a fair challenge from your customers.

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Yea still the best platform for sure - it will get better over time.

@PeterA Thank you, I undestand now. Indeed, the amount missing from the notification is exactly the one invested.

On the other hand I have to trust your word, since it’s hard to check if the amount invested was indeed added back to the current portfolio. A daily portfolio would help. Or at least CSV export option of the log (orders, dividends, transactions) in order to build the daily portfolio and other useful reports. CSV export should not be difficult to implement.