Greenwich Lifesciences

Ok guys if anyone was on this ride yesterday, please buy a Christmas present for each of the community fellas :sweat_smile::santa:

Thank you in advance.


I agree. even a book, financial or investments subject, will be more than enough!
:laughing: :laughing:

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I looked at it last weds and thought nah pass for now lol


same… such a regret :frowning:

I would imagine it will come back down again as the next stage of trials should take a few more years to be concluded but certainly is one to perhaps consider for long term, just not right now.

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But tell me please, when would you sell? Hindsight, you should have bought, but whey you buy, how do you know when to sell? At 100%? At 500%?

To much what ifs and buts.

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That is the question. Honest answer is I do not know. I think as it is still in trial stage I would like to think sell and then come in again when much lower.

Yes indeed it would be like gambling, a couple of times only I tried to catch these big movers, mostly your order (because of the volume) doesn’t get executed right away, and you get it probably at the top of the ascending line which will end up dragging you down for at least a 20% which for you is huge but for the stock that day will be just a tiny setback for the day (which for example from a +500% on that day will become still a juicy +400%). I try to stay away from these “deals”, I posted it because it is a wow and many of us dream of seeing our stocks appreciating that much in so short time. :sweat_smile:

Hi Everyone ,

Was anyone lucky to jump on Greenwich LifeScience surge yesterday?

What do you think to the long term investment on this ?


Huge congrats to the 8 people who invested in Greenwich Lifesciences and received >1,000% in 1 day!

My question to you (if any of you are on here) - how did you find out about GLSI beforehand? Very intrigued to broaden my research.


It appreciated too much too fast, I don’t believe in a good long term opportunity, not at this price. It was priced only at a couple of dollars two days ago and yesterday peaked at over 120 USD! Crazy, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole for now… but of course the choice is yours, just giving my opinion.