Nikola Reminds Romeo Power Stockholders to Tender Shares - what will happen?

Nikola reminds Romeo Power stockholders to tender Shares in exchange offer ahead of October 12 deadline (Nikola Reminds Romeo Power Stockholders to Tender Shares in Exchange Offer Ahead of October 12 Deadline). What exactly will happen with Romeo Power (RMO) shares at T212 after the deadline? Per the deal, Romeo stockholders will receive 0.1186 of a share of Nikola common stock for each Romeo share.
If the deal goes through, how will the exchanged Nikola shares appear to the original Romeo Power shareholders? Will the average price be $0 or some other price (derived from the average acquisition price of Romeo Power shares)?

The event is a stock acquisition, and we’ll distribute Nikola Corp shares as soon as we receive them from our intermediary. As usual, we’ll keep you posted :pray:

We’ve completed the event and distributed the Nikola Corporation (NKLA) shares, @Thomas.

As per the terms of the deal, shareholders received 0.1186 shares in Nikola Corporation for every 1 share held in Romeo Power, Inc. Also, positions with Romeo Power, Inc. were closed at USD 0 per share.

I understand that TPGY got liquidated, t212 sold my shares automatically at $10.06 when will I receive payment for this?

Also what happened with romeo power? My shares got “sold” for $0.00

Anyone knows when will be WISE bonus shares added to our accounts?

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There was an existing topic about Nikola Corporation, and I’ve moved your comment here so you can check out the info above for this particular event.

Regarding TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp - Class A, the funds were added to the respective Trading 212 accounts right after the position closure. You can check your “History” tab for more details.

Also, we’ve already distributed the bonus shares from the OwnWise program.

Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions.

Hi Bogi

I see the order in the history filled for £100.24 but the amount doesn’t shows up in my account.

Also wise share neither.


I’ve sent you a DM, @Enlevike. Check your inbox :mailbox: