Nikola return $NKLA

Hello everyone.
I bought some NKLA a few months back, the return was really good until the announcement seen the price drop substantially along with my profit.
I decided to hold on and see if the price will come back even a bit to minimize my loss but after today’s further plummet, I seek more knowledge and would like to know the thoughts of others on where they think Nikola will be in the future?

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Basically this.

Nikola shares fell more than 10% after the company discontinued its collaboration with Republic Services on refuse truck development. The stock is approaching oversold conditions and could see some consolidation before continuing its trend lower.

$13 dollar seems about right.

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What price did you buy in at?

Almost forgot :sweat_smile:

@EquityInvestor ping.

@pipo I haven’t been following this but does Trevor really get to keep his billions? I was expecting him to be facing trial by now.


No idea, was only following for the lols, never looked into what happened to him afterwards.

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Dump it. Dump it now.

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The best Nikola analyst that we have in our forum is @Vedran, he might has some insights.


Hi, the lowest I bought in at was $17.50 and the highest was $29.54 just before the fall with various top ups in between. As of today I’m now 30% down in total with this stock and feel like no rebound is soon.

Thank you. Yeah, I was hoping it would come back a bit before I sold the lot but after today’s nose dive I’m not confident.
I’m pretty new to investing and accepted that if I was to sell and lose on this, it’s a lesson paid for :slightly_smiling_face:

I bought this stock on a Gamble when the price dropped a lot and happy to ride it out to the very end.

My overall portfolio gain makes this loss very insignificant to me, not an advice to anyone

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@Eldrak I’m in no way an expert but I see this as the new CEO creating focus for Nikola, unlike the old CEO who wanted to have his fingers in every pie possible. It makes no sense them concentrating on making refuse trucks, it feels like the old CEO just took any contract possible, they even have a jet ski on their site :joy: I think they will need to focus on the electric and hydrogen semi trucks and stay out the news for a while.

I’m personally waiting it out, I have averaged down without investing more then I wanted to. It always comes down to how much you would miss the money if they went to 0.

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Obviously this isn’t advice, just what I’m doing with my investment in Nikola.

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Are you actually buying?
I’ll have to look to see if anything substantial has changed or whether they are scammers… (Rolling trucks downhill)

Just reading that they have changed CEO…
GM is involved, but I don’t think that is enough to inspire confidence.

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I think the GM “partnership” is pretty one way. Sounds like nikola will use their technology…


Not a chance in hell I would.

I just thought bit would be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

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This guy explains it pretty well. They have a big mountain to climb now, but it’s not over. As I mentioned they now need to focus on producing the electric and Hydrogen vehicles, then look at expanding into other areas if they’re ever going to have a chance at succeeding.

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Thank you @tradingnoob, and others for your thoughts.
@tradingnoob I also feel inclined to wait it out and just see. The thought even crossed my mind to put a little more money into it whilst the price is so low.
Whilst I could also do with putting the money from NKLA in to something else just now for faster gains, I see it as a long haul. My portfolio is pretty small at present and my aim, like probably everyone, is to grow it substantially, but I appreciate the ups and downs.

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At the prices you have all paid, just ride the storm maybe.
Providing it’s not a large chunk of your portfolio cash, just ride it out, because “if” it works out, (and it is currently the right kind of business model you want to be backing right now with this EV push), then you will stand to make some cash on the rebound.

OR, you lose the lot. But it’s a good risk/reward ratio, just needs a little riding.
No guarantees though with stocks.

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NKLA is a day trader’s wet dream. Proper yoyo.

They’ll be doing all they can to repair their image so I would expect a fair whack of PR throughout 2021 to try and steady the ship. Can also see this rebounding between 15 and 30 for months to come.

If it were me I’d look at how much I put into it and perhaps skim a chunk out for a better opportunity (HYLN has plenty of room to grow and XL has just been given some very promising PTs) and let the remainder recover.


I thought GM closed their proceedings on their equity stake?