Nio Share price?

If you look at the % drop on Nio shares today 212 is reporting it as 12% today and Yahoo Finance & Tradcharts are reporting 5% drop? Why the difference on the same stock?

Hello @EVangelist,

Can you please sеnd us a screenshot of the mentioned % on our platform, as I am not able to reproduce it.

Same here. I sold my position at -15% (price 12.54$) at 14.32 UK time today.

This price was NEVER reached today. It showed for a few seconds when the market opened, after it went back to 5% as it should have been.

How is this possible?1

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This is clearly not related to the price difference that 212 uses as fee. It represents a 10% difference from the actual market price at 14.32.

Might not be right but Google has a lower low.

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You are right. My bad then!