Stock universe spreadsheet

Does by any chance anyone of you have spreadsheet showing all available stocks to invest in ISA account here on T212? If not maybe someone who knows how to do such a thing could make it? Most of all I need it showing ticker isin and name nothing else at that point. I will use it to find out sth more about companies available to invest i will try to find some new opportunities and put some money in at least few of them xD

If you are just checking then this table is kinda ok in that 90% are available. Hit show all or search.

I can make an excel sheet if you need it. I’m very temped to make a website that tracks new additions. Allows you to get alerts and submit requests to T212. Sort the table by best performing in sector etc


That would be a great idea.

I’ve added this suggestion to 212 in the last couple of weeks to apply a filter or scanner on all shares based on different criteria.

Hate having to just rely on my own knowledge of company names or when I’m searching for a particular share, the system throws out a few companies that begin with the first couple of letters and other companies pop up!!

Till now I’ve been using website for that but in spreadsheet I can input some notes add links if I find sth useful etc. All stuff in same place. My library of knowledge xD It would be more comfortable for me. I don’t want to force anyone to make sth just thought someone maybe had it for themselves

I made a really janky python program that will do this:

The HTML needs to be updated because I didn’t want it to scrape the live site. I was also too lazy to export the data to anything other than a txt file. I’ll upload an excel file for you later with all the stocks if you want.

If that wouldn’t be a problem would be great

Here you go:!AtPzhy-MhF0Ria13e2-QUnrAZfQX5Q?e=95w4Dr

If you want the extra info like ticker symbol and currency, well my program isn’t that good lol. I’ll maybe make it better and give you an update.

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Thank you for your work

Like @phildawson said it’s on

T212 don’t try to hide it too much. It’s super easily web scrapable in seconds… here…

Once it’s base-lined it’s easy to track the new additions.

I really should automated this output so you guys can just grab it with a copy/paste as it’s a recurring query.

Hope it help


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You’ve made it much easier for me, thanks

OK, I spun it out into a pretty bad piece of code, but it works!

On a “cheap” webserver so a little slow (like 20 seconds… so be patient)

A live grab of all T212 ISA assets

So just head to this page, copy it out, paste into Excel or G Sheets and “split to columns” delimiting by comma!





Do you know if this link should still be working? I have just visited it and been shown the following error:

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Nah, won’t work. I don’t use that domain anymore, forgot to pay the fees and now they’ve cut my service off! Sorry. I run this process from elsewhere now… but it’s not public, sorry!