Will we still be able to hold our etfs and European shares after Brexit no deal?

Worrying thought but will it become illegal for our portfolios to have shares in European companies and etfs after Brexit. i can well imagine a number of deals and agreements that we might never have heard of, becoming null and void affecting the legalities of foreign stocks one way or the other. also does anyone know if this will have tax implications for us on profits dividends ect.

No it won’t, the same way European residents can continue using t212


@evilted , there will not be any issues that arise from Brexit for both UK and EU clients.
I am a South African client and everything works just fine except that i cannot have an ISA account since I am not from the UK, but everything else just fine so I assume it will be the same for EU clients. In regards to share holdings etc there will not be anything changing, you will still be able to invest in all your favorite global stocks.

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