Permanent price alerts

It would be great if price alerts didn’t clear when they were reached.

I’d like to be constantly reminded that a stock has hit a certain position. So preventing them from clearing would be great.



Agreed, fixed alerts on instruments would great.

So the option to set Permanent Alert’s and/or One Time Alerts would be a useful option.


Also, I find that the alerts dont take me anywhere. Correct me if Im missing something, but they just flag up an instrument acronym and dont do anything. When Ive got 50 or so price alerts I cant remember what each was, and going to search and manually find each one is slow and tedious.

If the price alert took you direct to the instrument if you click on a certain part of it, that would be really helpful.

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It is working for me on android. Notification will get you to the stock overview

Ah yeh, youre right. I mostly use 212 on a desktop while Im working. I rarely use 212 my phone. Id like the notifications on my pc to work how they do on my phone.

Im sure someone will next tell me they do, Im just doing it wrong…