Price movement notifications

Would be great if we could get “price movement” notifications in the app. I’m currently having to setup my watchlist in Revolut so I get informed when there have been shifts in price, for stocks I own.

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How would it differ from the price notifications we currently set?

What you’ve done is a price alert. You’ve manually set that yourself so you get a notification to tell you when it’s reached a specified price.

The notifications I’ve mentioned is for a notification to tell me when it’s increased or decreased by x% since opening bell (if it’s significant enough to warrant a notification to tell me - ie. just as the image I’ve posted has warranted me being told such jumps in stock prices have been made)

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I see so for the stocks you are currently holding it works out if it’s above/below normal trading movement and gives you an automatic alert.

Yeah I like that idea, you have my +1

I use my Google account to do that.

It automatically loads in all my contract note positions, and fires me an email if/when the price movement since purchase or trailing month(whichever is shorter) has moved more than 10%.