NYSE:RTX request

Raytheon and UTC merged to form a new company 2 days ago formalised and listed on NYSE:RTX

Seeing as Raytheon was already on T212, was hoping will be an easy switch over to RTX if that can be facilitated?

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Anyone who had 100 shares UTC should now have 100 RTX, 100 CARR and 50 OTIS. So there are three tickers that need to be added to the platform: RTX, CARR and OTIS. The cost basis for your UTC holding should be distributed amongst the new holdings in proportion to their initial valuations (ie so that initially they are all showing the same % gain/loss),

I’ve been cash compensated for my Raytheon share. As a side note, I’ve tried to buy shares in the new RTX company formed after the merger, however my market order has been pending for a few hours. Any reason why this could be?

EDIT: I just found out Trading 212 is investigating this with their intermediary