Price History Incorrect! - ✅ Answered

Hi there,

So I recently invested in Raytheon Technologies Stocks. According to the Trading 212 app the share price was up at $156 dollars in January/February, before dropping down to $50ish after the Coronvirus outbreak.

I invested while the stock was at $70, last week. However, upon viewing the Yahoo Finance page, it appears that the all time high share price for RTX is $93… This is backed up by CNN/Google etc.

How can this be the case?! The price history Trading 212 showed me was the main reason I thought the shares had huge potential? What is going on!!!


There was merger of RTN and UTX.,coming%20days%2C%20weeks%20and%20months.

My guess T212 is showing RTN price pre merger, while yahoo/google does normalization based on merger “price” thus changing price history to represent the merger valuation.

Anyway RTX was excellent buy at below 60$… But anyway I wouldn’t look into charts as guide to what to buy…m

I guess that makes sense, thanks very much!

Looks like I bought at a bad time aha…

You will have chance to average down the price. Just be patient :beers:

RTX is great company to own long term…

Any price for RTX is a good price! :stuck_out_tongue:

Their Pratt & Whitney division is making engines for the the Airbus’s hottest bestseller - A220-300. Sure, the recent events will slow the progress, but the space and defense divisions are still on top of their game.

Just visit their website, the curves of those planes and satellites are giving me…excitement! :sweat_smile: