Raytheon Tech (RTX)

What’s your guys view on this stock? It has consistently flutter between 60-64 for a few months now.

I hope to sell for a small profit to release some funds for other opportunities in the short term.

It does seem appealing and good value in the long term though, given its dividend and pre
COVID price.

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Currently at $85 which is still a good bargain not even in 2013 were their share price this low.

Not taking into account the recent merger between UTC and Raytheon to become Raytheon Technologies

Did you sell?

I’ve had Raytheon for years now (held it pre merger as UTX) wouldn’t sell anytime soon at all.

Probably never.

The bargain gets even better at $72 per pop, am not recommending anyone should buy.
Though i have increased my position

As per fastgraphs it seems to be fairly value. The recent drop has to do with the recall of engines and how much this will cost them