United Technologies and Raytheon

Hello, I have some stocks of the company United Technologies (UTX) and they have now merged with Raytheon and created the United Technologies Corporation (RTX).
The new company is already on the market but my “old” stocks are halted on the last price.

What do I need to do to get the new stocks or the money?


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I believe you get the money from a previous question I asked. They cannot currently exchange the shares, but plan to in future. I would buy the new shares asap and you’ll receive the cash soon

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Only there is no RTX to buy on t212 :wink:

RTX will be available today once the relevant market opens. All other corporate events, related to the stock will be settled in the following days.

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Hi Peter, could you confirm that will happen to Raytheon holders? Were the shares force sold, or are we getting shares in the new combined company?

Hi, i’m trying to buy, but the limit orders keep getting rejected and the market orders just stay there (not filed).

interested in this also.

I had UTX stocks before the merger but now I am clueless on what to do. UTX is not on my portfolio anymore and it is showing as RTX (raytheon technologies). I tried to buy 0.01 of RTX but the order never completed.

are UTX owners supposed to receive shares as a compensation? since we now have RTX?

Hello everyone. The following actions will be taken:

  1. Owners of the previous UTX - will receive cash compensation*, for the spin-off of CARR and OTIS, (CARR 1:1, OTIS 1:2), as we are unable currently to transfer shares in that manner.

  2. UTX got an ISIN and ticker change and is now trading under those: RTX, ISIN: US75513E1010 with the name of Raytheon Technologies Corp. - all holders of UTX shares, still do own the same amount under those new identifications.

  3. Owners of the previous Raytheon (RTN) will have their positions closed at 0 and will receive again a cash equivalent* of 2.3348 RTX shares, for each RTN they have owned (Ratio - 2.3348:1).

The value of the cash equivalent per share is the actual price at which they were sold.


Hi Peter, for 3, could you confirm when will the shares be sold (for the cash equivalent price)? And when do you expect the cash to be received?


Hey @freezefrank. All of the aforementioned steps were completed today. The RTX shares in point 3) were sold yesterday 07/04 - at 61.50$ per share. The eligible accounts have been funded already .

@PeterA received some money today in my account since I had UTX shares. however, I am trying to buy RTX with that same money and it is still pending. why is this?

@cmaranhao81 Our intermediary is having issues processing orders for RTX, we’re currently investigating why.

Hello, any ETA for this issue, as it is still present rn? Thanks

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@trader Fixed. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I can confirm it is solved.

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Hi I had a ‘system deposit’ with description ‘merged with RTX’, and then a ‘system withdrawal’ double that amount (so a net outflow in erorr), could you please look into this?

Due to a system malfunction, two transactions have been processed (both identical, you can see one of them in transactions as the positive “system deposit”, that you mentioned), which shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.The latter transaction (mentioned as “system withdrawal” with a double amount, compared to the first one) was done to restore the accurate state of your account.

Shouldn’t the latter transaction the same amount as the first one (not double!)

Will contact you later in a DM with clarifications on the matter.


I had the same issue I got the deposit for 5 shares and then a withdrawal of twice the amount ? So have lost my shares and also have had withdrawal equivalent to twice the value of the shares, please fix.